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Disability Rights Clinic

Professor SchwartzThe Disability Rights Clinic assists individuals with disabilities who are denied their rights because of their disability and groups representing the disabled community who are unable to secure representation elsewhere.  The clinic seeks to represent those who cannot afford private counsel. DRC student attorneys practice in federal and state courts, and before administrative agencies in a broad range of disability matters, including employment, access and special education.

What to expect

DRC is a 2 semester, 6 credit clinic.  Students spend 20-25 hours per week on their cases and other clinic-related work.  Professional Responsibility and Disability Law are co- or pre-requisites.

Students will:

  • Represent clients in state and federal courts and in administrative proceedings.
  • Engage in oral advocacy on policies, practices and procedures that affect people with disabilities.
  • Collaborate with the Educational Rights Advocacy Board at the Syracuse University School of Education and the Syracuse University Parent Advocacy Center.

In the classroom

The DRC offers students the opportunity to learn about the following areas of law: Federal disability law (including Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act), special education law, federal civil procedure, and school administrative law.