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Sample Schedule - With Summer Courses

The following program is intended to illustrate a joint degree academic schedule. This schedule may not be appropriate for every student, and individuals may wish to take different or additional classes. Students should consult their academic advisors regarding specific classes in which they may be interested to determine how these classes fit into their overall academic program.

1L Year

First Semester Second Semester
Contracts 5 Property 5
Torts 5 Criminal Law 3
Civil Procedure 4 Constitutional Law I 3
Legislation and Policy Elective 3
TOTAL = 32

Summer (between IL and 2L Years)
Advanced Legal Research 2
Professional Responsibility 3
Lawyer as Negotiator 3
Intro to Qualitative Research (School of Education) 3
TOTAL = 40 Total Education  = 3

2L Year

First Semester Second Semester
Social Policy and Disability (School of Education) 3 Disability Studies (School of Education) 3
Disability Law 3 Advanced Disability Law (writing requirement) 3
Constitutional Law 3 Trial Practice 3
LCR 2 Administrative Law 3
Clinic 6 Clinic 6
TOTAL = 70 Total Education = 9

3L Year

First Semester Second Semester
Decedent's Estates, Wills & Trusts 3 Corporations 4
School of Education Class or Independent Study 3 New York Civil Practice 3
School of Education Class 3 Disability Studies (School of Education) 3
Issues in DisAbility (School of Education) 3 School of Education Class or Independent Study 3
TOTAL = 80 Total Education = 24

Students should also consider taking School of Education Maymester classes during their second summer or taking summer classes, particularly in the School of Education, to lessen their class load during their 3L year. Law classes which are typically offered during summers include:

  • Constitutional Law
  • Evidence
  • Trial Practice
  • Advanced Legal Research
  • Professional Responsibility
  • Lawyer as Negotiator

(Note that Constitutional Law II and Professional Responsibility must be taken during the 2L year in additional to a third semester of LCR.) For the Master's degree, students need not limit their class choices within the School of Education. Classes taught by Steve Taylor, Doug Biklen, Beth Ferri and Nancy Mudrick would likely satisfy degree requirements. Contact Steve Taylor for specific questions.