Technology Commercialization Law Center

For 25 years, the Technology Commercialization Law Center (TCLC) has offered a unique, interdisciplinary experiential learning program for students interested in the commercial development of new technologies. 

TCLC educates students on the technical, legal, and business aspects involved in bringing new technologies to market. This experiential education provides a solid foundation for careers in a number of settings, including law firms, corporations, government agencies, tech transfer offices, and consulting and investing firms.

Students in the TCLC have completed hundreds of research projects on real technologies on behalf of universities, federal research laboratories, technology development organizations and businesses, including both established companies and startups. Opportunities are available for student financial support, including scholarships and paid senior research associate positions with the affiliated New York State Science & Technology Law Center.

TCLC also offers a curricular program in Technology Commercialization Law Studies for students interested in demonstrating an in-depth scholarship in the area. More information on the Technology Commercialization Law Studies curricular program and other curricular programs is available here.

The New York State Science & Technology Law Center


Syracuse University College of Law and TCLC have been designated the New York State Science & Technology Law Center (NYSSTLC) by Empire State Development’s Division of Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR) since 2004. This prestigious designation demonstrates TCLC's extensive track record and experience in the field of technology commercialization law.

The mission of NYSSTLC is to provide legal education, research, information and support services to the more than 30 universities and research centers in New York State supported by NYSTAR as well as New York State entrepreneurs and companies with new technologies. Many inventors and entrepreneurs aren’t aware of the myriad legal and regulatory challenges their business or technology is facing. NYSSTLC utilizes the experience and legal expertise of faculty as well as the manpower of second and third-year law students (acting as research associates) to provide research and analysis on the legal and regulatory concerns relating to new technologies. The research and analysis are compiled in reports provided to clients to help them identify potential challenges and devise effective strategies to bring their technologies to market. 

As the NYSSTLC designee, the College of Law's goal is to help New York State become a world leader in the commercialization of new technologies and in the creation of new jobs.

Students in TCLC's Law 815 research center meet with a client.