Property, Citizenship, and Social Entrepreneurism

A Center for Advanced Property Studies

Directed by Robin Paul Malloy,

E.I. White Chair and Distinguished Professor of Law

The Center on PCSE brings together experts from a variety of fields and institutions to discuss and explore issues related to modern Real Estate transactions and Finance; Community Development and Housing; Global Property Law Systems; and Access to Ownership for Inclusion of the Elderly, the Poor, and Persons with Disabilities.

A core principle of PCSE is that a just and accessible property law system is the basis for both good citizenship and successful economic development. Therefore, PCSE engages a diverse group of people to work collaboratively in all areas of property law and theory; including real, personal, intangible, intellectual, and cultural property. In doing this it is understood that property, in all its forms, addresses the fundamental relationships between the state and its citizens, and among the people themselves. For this reason PCSE examines property in terms of its ability to foster democratic forms of governance, advance social justice, promote citizenship, build sustainable and supportive communities, and enhance the stewardship of our global environment and
its natural resources.

PCSE bridges the world of theory and practice with a variety of programs and publications.

Curricular Program Requirements:

Advanced Property
Corporate Counsel