Curricular Program in Advanced Property Studies

Exploring real, personal, intangible, intellectual, and cultural property in a value-based market context. 

When you study law in The Center on PCSE you explore issues related to modern Real Estate Transactions and Finance; Community Development and Housing; Global Property Law Systems; and Access to Ownership for Inclusion of the Elderly, the Poor, and Persons with Disabilities. The PCSE curriculum provides you with the skills and knowledge that are essential to understanding the critical role of law in defining property, constituting markets, and fostering institutions of citizenship and governance. Property issues are among the most hotly contested issues in the global marketplace and PCSE offers you a front row seat.

Our curriculum is based on a belief that the modern lawyer must understand property and its regulation as part of the broader economic organization of society. This includes a need to understand relevant political, business, and financial factors.

Requirements for the Curricular Programs in Advanced Property Studies and Corporate Counsel are set out in the Academic Handbook

Application for Certificate in Advanced Property Studies