Corporate Counsel Curricular Program

One of the first of its kind in the country, this program gives students the skills they need to step into corporate law positions upon graduation, whether on the legal staff of a company or with a firm that represents corporations. All students completing the program take General Counsel, a course that  simulates the practice of in-house staff.  Students work individually and in teams to undertake simulations in agreement negotiation and drafting, employment problems, and intellectual property practice. They learn to handle complex problems in those areas and may conduct research, draft agreements, file memoranda, conduct interviews, and negotiate to resolve issues. Tours of area corporations give students a very clear idea of what being a corporate attorney is like. 

The Corporate Counsel Curricular Program can be earned as part of the regular J.D. program and requires no additional credit hours. Recognition of the curricular program is offered to all students who successfully complete the requirements.

Requirements for the Corporate Counsel Curricular Program are set out in the Academic handbook

Application for Corporate Counsel Curricular Program