Cambridge Book Series on Disability Law and Policy

Series co-edited by Robin Paul Malloy and Peter Blanck.  More information to follow.

Cambridge Book Collection on PCSE

PCSE has reached an agreement with Cambridge University Press to promote a PCSE Book Collection to be produced and distributed by Cambridge. The arrangement will market all books under the PCSE Collection and will be based on individual and joint authored books related to topics relevant to PCSE. To submit a book proposal, or to obtain feedback concerning a potential proposal contact Robin Paul Malloy ( ).

Book proposals, when ready, should be submitted for review with an understanding of the review process.

Ashgate Book Series on Law, Property, and Society
Law, Property, and Society

Series Editor: Robin Paul Malloy, E.I. White Chair and Distinguished Professor of Law, Senior Associate Dean, Director, Center on Property, Citizenship, and Social Entrepreneurism, College of Law, Syracuse University

The Law, Property, and Society series examines property in terms of its ability to foster democratic forms of governance, and to advance social justice.

The series explores the legal infrastructure of property in broad terms, encompassing concerns for real, personal, intangible, and intellectual property, as well as looking at property related financial markets.  The series is a product of the Working Group on Property, Citizenship and Social Entrepreneurship sponsored by the Syracuse University College of law.  Contributions are welcomed from both within and and outside the Working Group.

Series Advisory Board:

Tom Allen, University of Durham
Ann Bartow, University of South Carolina
Daniel H. Cole, Indiana University
Christian C. Day, Syracuse University
Shubha Ghosh, University of Buffalo, SUNY
Karen Morrow, University of Leeds
James C. Smith, University of Georgia

Book Proposal Guidelines:

Your initial proposal should include the following:


  The Book

  • A statement of the aims and rationale for the book
  • The draft contents list along with a synopsis of each chapter
  • One or two sample chapters or related material which best represents your work (if available)
  • Details of the number and type of illustrations you would like to feature (if any), e.g., photographs, line-drawings, maps
  • The estimated word extent
  • The estimated delivery date

  The Author/Editor

  • A short biographical paragraph for all authors, editors and contributors involved with the book and a short CV for the principal author(s) or editor(s)

  The Market

  • Details of competing books, either published or in preparation and how your book distinguishes itself from these
  • The readership level at which you book is aimed, e.g. third-year undergraduate, post-graduate researcher, university lecturer, etc.

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