Elder & Health Law Clinic

If you are interested in obtaining legal assistance from our office, please review our intake guide and contact information.

clinic students with faculty
The Elder & Health Law Clinic (ELC) provides general practice legal assistance for those aged 60 and over and who are of low or moderate incomes. Areas of practice typically include simple wills, advance directives, health insurance (Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance), access to medical care, social security issues, consumer law, housing law, real estate, financial abuse and exploitation, and more.

Students Can Expect

The ELC offers students the opportunity to represent clients in teams with the guidance from the professor, performing all of the tasks of a lawyer. Students will learn about the social and financial challenges facing the growing population of seniors and discuss potential policy solutions. The ELC offers students a place to develop skills and learn areas of law such as health care, elder law, family law, administrative law, and general legal practices.

Students will:

  • Interview and counsel clients
  • Represent clients at administrative proceedings and in court
  • Conduct informal advocacy with agencies, health care providers, and family members
  • Engage in fact investigations
  • Counsel clients on planning for future health care, financial needs
  • Conduct legal research and analysis
  • Advocate on healthcare and other policy issues

Credits & Requirements

  • 1 Semester Clinic
  • 6 Credits
  • 20-25 Hour per week time commitment

Pre- or Co-Requisites:

  • Professional Responsibility
  • Elder Law (Suggested)


Mary Helen McNeal
Director, Elder & Health Law Clinic
Professor of Law