Securities Arbitration & Consumer Law Clinic

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clinic students with faculty
The Securities Arbitration and Consumer Law Clinic (SACC) assists small investors and other consumers with problems in the financial and consumer markets. Whether against Wall Street or Wal-Mart, student attorneys fight fraud and other improper conduct on the part of stockbrokers, used car sales people, and flimflam artists everywhere. Our securities cases generally involve small investors who have been sold unsuitable or other improper investments. The consumer cases run the gamut from shoddy home repairs to fraudulent car sales to oppressive debt collection practices. Students also have the opportunity to participate in policy advocacy and community education.

Students Can Expect

The SACC offers students the opportunity to learn about the following areas of law: Securities law, securities arbitration, consumer rights and defenses, common law causes of action, corporate law and civil procedure.

Students will:

  • Conduct intensive fact investigation and review of financial documents
  • Conduct legal research and analysis
  • Prepare for litigation and arbitration
  • Negotiate with opposing counsel representing banks and brokerage houses
  • Educate the community

Credits & Requirements

  • 1 Semester Clinic
  • 6 Credits
  • 20-25 Hours per week time requirement

Pre- or Co-Requisites:

Professional Responsibility

  • Commercial Transaction (Suggested)
  • Security Regulations and/or Corporations (Suggested)


Gary Pieples
Director, Securities Arbitration & Consumer Law Clinic
Visiting Assistant Professor of Law