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Law and Literature (3 cr)
LAW 736
The focus of this course/seminar will be the law, the legal process, and concepts of justice as they are treated in a number of works of fiction as well as by lawyers in the judicial opinions and other writings. The fictional readings will be short stories (Tolstoy, Faulkner, Glaspell, Hawthorne, Cather, de Maupassant, Vonnegut, etc.) and two novellas. In-depth consideration of the materials should demonstrate to the student a wide gamut of emotions, human relationships, and ambiguities with which case law frequently does not adequately deal. The materials raise issues of morality, natural law, divine law, mercy, the limits of advocacy, and ethics, all of which must deeply concern any lawyer who strives to fulfill the true object of his or her profession.

Taught By:
Hon. Hugh Humphreys