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Capital Punishment Seminar (2 cr)
LAW 892
The death penalty is society’s ultimate legal sanction, meant to be used for the worst of the worst. Given the finality and enormity of the State’s deliberate taking of a human life, the United States Supreme Court has developed a complex jurisprudence in an attempt to ensure that the death penalty is administered fairly and reliably. In this seminar, we will study this jurisprudence and evaluate its effectiveness. We will also explore issues concerning the actual administration of the death penalty, such as methods and timing of executions, conditions on death row, women on death row, mental illness and competence to be executed, the sentencing of innocent persons to death, and clemency. In addition to traditional Casebook materials, we will use documentaries and case studies to get a fuller understanding of capital punishment.

Taught By:
Sanjay Chhablani