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Property Law in the 21st Century: Advanced Topics in Property Law (3 cr)
LAW 858
This seminar will examine current important issues in property law and theory, topics to which students may have been introduced during their first year but that warrant investigation in further detail. The course will first review different notions of what property actually is, using historical and modern analyses both from political theory and from the law. We will then consider the extent to which property concepts can be usefully employed to resolve an array of current social issues, such as the enforcement of surrogacy (parenting) contracts, property as a fundamental human right, virtual property, ownership of the moon and other outer space bodies, the sale or other control of body parts, adverse possession, the fate of human embryos, eminent domain and takings, employment rights, or environmental rights. Students will be exposed to and discuss the relevant law, where it exists, but will also pursue in more depth the conceptual and policy-based arguments that shape and underlie current public policy debates. A final paper will be required, designed to meet the school’s writing requirement.

Taught By:
Jeremy A. Blumenthal