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Professional Responsibility (3 cr)
LAW 746

Relationship of the lawyer to the profession, community, client, and society. ABA Code of Professional Responsibility, ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, and American Lawyer's Code of Conduct.

Fall Semester Sections 1 and 3 (Professor Anand): Lawyers are men and women of action. They are also individuals with power. This course asks what these twin facts mean for the professional responsibility of a lawyer. To engage this question, students will examine both the day-to-day activities of the practitioner and the collective action of the Bar, and explore decision-making, situation management, and problem-solving in a variety of settings and circumstances. Students will also reflect on the underlying policy and philosophical considerations associated with these forms of lawyer conduct. Consistent with this orientation, the course reading is broad ranging and includes, in addition to traditional law school course materials, professional and mainstream journal/newspaper articles, as well as academic literature, among other things. Furthermore, the subject matter of the course reading, on occasion, extends beyond lawyers – to members of other social institutions whose conduct parallels that of lawyers in certain ways, such as members of the press, the medical profession, and the financial industry. While the focus of this course is the actual practice of law – as opposed to the “black letter rules” of ethics codes and legal opinions (which have limited utility for the practitioner) – the course will examine, in detail, the Model of Rules of Professional Conduct as well as other aspects of the law governing lawyers. The final exam is a 24 hour take home exam.

Taught By:
Rakesh K. Anand, Robert Ashford, Mary Helen McNeal, Lucille M. Rignanese