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JDinteractive Residency Courses

 JDinteractive Residency Courses

Course # Course Name and Description Credits Semester Faculty


Legal Foundations

Description - This is the first residential course in the online JD program. it is a two-credit course designed to prepare students to study law. The course will introduce students to the American legal system, build a foundational understanding of the basic framework of legal and lawmaking institutions, and help prepare them to succeed in their legal studies.

2 Fall, Spring


Legal Applications

This is the second residential course in the online JD program. It is a three-credit problem-based course that would utilize experiential learning techniques to help students (1) integrate the doctrinal subjects they are learning, (2) better understand the relationship between common law and statutory law, and (3) build new skills. The residential experience will culminate with students presenting an oral argument on a motion.

3 Fall, Spring


Professional Skills

This course is an in-person residential course offered over one week. This skills-focused course utilizes experiential learning techniques to introduce and practice a variety of skills of importance to practicing attorneys. JDinteractive students must complete three credits of Professional Skills. Offerings will vary depending on the semester.

1.5 Fall, Spring


Advanced Legal Topics

This course is an in-person residential course required for JDinteractive students and offered on-campus or at a satellite location. This course is a specialized course offered to provide students with a deep dive into one of a variety of specialized fields of legal practice. JDinteractive students must complete four credits of Advanced Legal Topics. Course topics will vary depending on the semester.

2 Fall, Spring