LLM Courses


Course # Course Name and Description Credits Semester Faculty


American Legal System

This course is designed to introduce students to United States law. The course will offer a survey of the United States legal system, an introduction to United States constitutional law and provide an overview of multiple areas of United States doctrinal law both substantive and procedural.

3 Fall Shannon P. Gardner


Legal Writing for Intl Students

This course will instruct the student in legal research, writing and analysis. It is specifically designed for LLM students.

2 Fall Richard S. Risman


International LL.M. Prep Course

An introduction to the process of American legal education and assessment. The class will teach an introduction to the Socratic method, the case briefing system of legal analysis and introduce skills in preparation for common legal assessment methods, including case briefing, case analysis, exam taking methodology, and other essential skills.

1 Fall Richard S. Risman


Technology Innovation Law and Practice

This course provides LL.M. students with an integrated understanding of the technical, business, and legal factors involved in bringing new technologies to market. This is a year-long course that combines traditional and applied learning on topics ranging from basic intellectual property law and performing patent searches to economics to finance and business areas such as financing technology innovation. The course includes multiple guest lectures from practicing professionals involved in technology transactions at universities as well as private companies and in law firms. At the conclusion of the course, students will have a broad knowledge of technology innovation law and practice. Students will apply knowledge to actual new technology commercialization projects. Students work in teams consulting with companies, entrepreneurs or universities that are seeking to commercialize new technologies. Finished products include an in-depth report and presentation covering such things as: analyzing the technology, investigating intellectual property protection, examining the market landscape, identifying any regulatory concerns, and exploring opportunities for funding or licensing. Students will also engage in client consults and short term research projects.

3 Fall, Spring Dean Bell, M. Jack Rudnick