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Lower Division/First Year Courses

 Lower Division/First Year Courses

Course # Course Name and Description Credits Semester Faculty


Civil Procedure

Procedural processes that guide the adjudication of civil actions in American courts. Allocation of judicial power between federal and state courts, focusing on the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Fundamental policies underlying particular procedural rules.

4 Fall Lisa Dolak L'88, Antonio Gidi, Margaret M. Harding, Aliza M. Milner


Constitutional Law

This course covers (1) Judicial Review in all its aspects, including the Case and Controversy doctrine, and (2) Structure, that is, Federalism (Federal and State regulatory and taxing powers) and Separation of Powers/Checks and Balances among the branches of the federal government.

3 Spring Keith J. Bybee, William C. Banks, Daan Braveman



Legal protection afforded promissory agreements. Contract interpretation; contract formation, including offer and acceptance, mutual assent, and consideration. Parties affected by contracts and remedies for breach of contract.

5 Fall Gregory L. Germain


Criminal Law

Elements of various crimes and problems of statutory construction and interpretation. Substantive defenses, emphasizing the defense of insanity, as well as attempts and the specific crimes of conspiracy, theft, and homicide.

3 Spring Rakesh K. Anand, Sanjay K. Chhablani, Lauryn P. Gouldin, C. Cora True-Frost G'01, L'01



Problems concerning the possession of land and chattels. Methods of acquiring title to personal property, possessory and concurrent estates, and landlord and tenant problems. Historical introduction to real estate, including future interests, real covenants, and easements.

5 Spring Laura G. Lape, Terry L. Turnipseed



Imposition of liability for personal wrongs as viewed by traditional tort law and current alternatives. Historical development and policy basis of liability for various types of injury-producing conduct, including intentional torts, negligence, and strict liability.

5 Fall Antonio Gidi, Andrew T. Kim, Nina A. Kohn


Legal Communications & Research I

Introduction to basic lawyering skills, including analysis, citation, and court hierarchy. Application of these skills to complex factual situations in a mock law firm setting.

2 Fall Elizabeth A. August L'94, Ian Gallacher, Andrew S. Greenberg L'89, Kathleen M. O'Connor, Shannon P. Gardner, Richard S. Risman


Legal Communications & Research II

Skills introduced include legal research, oral argument, and the written presentation of legal arguments in persuasive form

2 Spring Elizabeth A. August L'94, Ian Gallacher, Andrew S. Greenberg L'89, Kathleen M. O'Connor, Shannon P. Gardner, Aliza M. Milner


1L Professional Responsibility

This course will cover the essential components of professional responsibility and will focus on professional identity formation. Utilizing a problem approach that lends itself to simulations and skills development, students will learn how to analyze ethical issues; develop basic interviewing, counseling, and informal advocacy skills; practice collaboration; and reflect on the role of the lawyer and their own professional development. This course meets the Professional Responsibility requirement.

3 Spring Mary Helen McNeal, Andrew S. Greenberg L'89, Kelly K. Curtis