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Individuals of demonstrated ability are invited to consider Syracuse University College of Law, which is proud of its talented and diverse student body. The class that entered in the fall of 2013 represents 130 colleges and universities and 27 states.

Of the 196 matriculated students, 44% were women and 24% were students of color. The College of Law recognizes the racial and gender imbalance that exists in the legal profession and the public interest in augmenting the number of lawyers from traditionally underrepresented groups in the profession. Therefore, the college encourages qualified members of these groups to apply for admission.

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Class of 2016 Profile

Class Size: 196

Median LSAT: 155

25-75% LSAT: 152 - 156

Median GPA: 3.29

25-75% GPA: 3.06 - 3.45

Average Age: 24 (age range is 20 - 36)

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