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Third Year

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Alessandra Baldini
Binghamton, NY
SUNY Binghamton (B.A. & M.P.A.)
Interested in Disability Rights, Employment, and Health Law
Law Clerk Extern for Judge McAvoy, U.S. District Court
Disability Rights Clinic
Legal Research Assistant for Burton Blatt Institute
Lead Articles Editor for JOST & IW

"I chose Syracuse Law because of its national reputation and its large alumni base throughout the country.  When I researched potential law schools, I was impressed by the numerous electives, certificate, and joint-degree programs here at Syracuse.  I was also interested in the variety of externships and clinics in which law students can gain hands-on experience. Further, when I visited the law school, I noticed that the professors were approachable and supportive of their students. Unlike many law schools, first year students at Syracuse Law have the opportunity to participate in competitions and can even choose an elective course during the second semester. Finally, the Upstate New York location provides for many activities outside of the classroom and that was important to me as well." 

Sophia Cahill
Carle Place, NY
George Washington University

"I chose Syracuse because of its national reputation and engaged alumni network.  I was also drawn to the fact that the College of Law is part of an established university.  It was important for me to attend a school that has a strong reputation in my home state.  I was impressed with the many resources available such as, academic advising and professional development and a welcoming support system.  There is an immediate sense of community at Syracuse College of Law, which was also a big factor in my decision to attend Syracuse Law."

Sophia Cahill

Victoria M. Governali
Somers, NY
New York University
Interested in Disability Law

"I chose Syracuse Law because I wanted to attend a school with a national reputation that would provide me with the skills and opportunities to succeed professionally.  I was attracted to being part of a large University where I would have the opportunity to earn a dual degree.  I am currently earning my Masters in Public Administration from the Maxwell School in addition to my Juris Doctor degree from Syracuse Law. Having this opportunity has opened many professional doors for me. Additionally, I wanted to attend a school where the professors truly care about educating their students and helping them with their academics and careers. I also appreciated Syracuse's alumni network and the opportunities the school presents to students that go beyond the classroom. One such opportunity is to do a clinic or externship. Participating in the Disability Rights Clinic at the College of Law gave me hands on experience representing individuals whose rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act had been violated. Having the opportunity to represent individuals, and be responsible for their legal claims was a tremendous opportunity for me as a law student and helped inform my practice during my summer internships with a judge and law firm."

Victoria Governali

Max Lloyd Horowitz
Pompano Beach, FL
Florida State University
Interested in Sports Law

"Coming from South Florida to Central New York might seem like a drastic change, but it was actually an easy decision for me.  I had always wanted to try living in New York State and enjoy a weather pattern with more variety than just heat and rain!  Additionally, the Syracuse Law name is synonymous across the country with academic success and prestige.  Syracuse University College of Law is one of the few institutions in the country with a certificate in Entertainment and Sports Law.  It is my hope to work in the field of sports law, particularly with professional athletes, teams and agencies.  These factors made Syracuse Law an easy first choice for me."

Max Horowitz

Brooke Jenne
Canton, NY
Hamilton College
Interested/concentration in White Collar Criminal Defense

"I chose Syracuse University College of Law because of its emphasis on the importance of a well-rounded legal education.  As an entering law student without a specific interest area, I was attracted to the diverse academic programs available at Syracuse Law.  With its renowned reputation and seemingly endless opportunities both in and outside of the classroom, Syracuse was the obvious choice for me."

Brooke Jenne

Josh Keefe
Rochester, NY
University of Toronto
JD/MPA, President for the Student Bar Association, Moot Court Honor Society, Co-Founder/Deputy Director of VISION

"I chose Syracuse Law because of the excellent national reputation that the University and College of Law enjoy, coupled with a very strong alumni network, and Career Development Office. The College of Law is at a great advantage as part of a world renowned research institution. The opportunities for a legal education, as well as joint degree offerings, are truly excellent.  At Syracuse, it's possible to find mentors and networks for almost every legal field, and this also factored heavily in my decision.  Lastly, Syracuse is a great University town, with a low cost of living and a high quality of life.  All told, it's been a great experience so far."

Josh Keefe

Amber Marshall
Longmont, CO
University of Colorado at Boulder
Interested in Public Interest and Criminal Law
Participating in Externship Program
Notes/Comments Editor for JILC
President of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Society

"Syracuse Law was my choice because it offers countless learning opportunities and ways to get involved.  Syracuse not only has excellent clinical programs that I look forward to participating in, but also offers joint degree programs and certificate programs that allow for diverse specialization opportunities.  Combined with the large number of student organizations and pro bono activities, I felt that Syracuse Law was the best choice in a law school that will establish me with a well-rounded legal education."

Amber Marshall

Bridget McCullough
Doylestown, PA
University of Delaware

"Syracuse University College of Law is a unique institution with several opportunities where i can really make a difference.  It is a community of diverse legal scholars who are passionate about serving others.  Syracuse Law offers a high quality legal education driven by accomplished faculty in a cutting-edge environment.  In addition to the rigorous curriculum in the classroom, Syracuse Law offers various clinical and externship opportunities where students can further develop their legal skills and gain valuable experience.  I am truly honored to be a member of the Class of 2014 at Syracuse Law"

Bridget McCullough

Mark O'Brien
Richmond, VA
University of Virginia
Columbia University (master's)
Interested in Media and Communications, Entertainment, and Intellectual Property Law

"I chose Syracuse Law because of its strong national reputation, extensive alumni network, and the opportunities the University offers students.  The school has a wide variety of joint degree programs, certificate programs, clinics, pro bono programs, and student organizations.  Law students at Syracuse can essentially tailor a program to their interests rather than feeling limited or pigeonholed in their education.  The professors are experienced, welcoming, and engaging, as are the alumni who are spread across the country and around the world.  Classmates are friendly and supportive.  The College of Law is committed to improving, especially as it prepares to start a new chapter in its history with the new law school building, Dineen Hall.  All of these factors were important to me since law school marks a new chapter for me as well.  As a non-traditional student who worked for 7 years prior to law school, Syracuse seemed like the complete package."

Mark O'Brien

David Richart
Olathe, KS
University of Kansas
Interested in Intellectual Property

"Syracuse University has a strong reputation both regionally and nationally, I was drawn to the fact that the College of Law offers several joint degree programs which allow students to pursue a number of different interests at the graduate level, while pursuing their J.D.  Syracuse Law students have the opportunity to obtain a degree from the College of Law and from other recognized schools within the University, such as the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, and the Newhouse School of Public Communication, by incorporating classes from both fields into their curriculum."

Clark Shuler
Cincinnati, OH
Xavier University
Interested in Family Law

"Syracuse University College fo Law was my top choice because I  enjoy the benefits of a big school and the name recognition of Syracuse University.  I value Syracuse Law's commitment to a diverse array of course options and hope to take advantage of other opportunities such as the summer Law in London program."

Clark Shuler

Hannah Stewart
Boerne, TX
The University of Texas at Austin
Pursuing a JD/MPA
Interested in International, Human Rights, & Maritime Law

"I chose Syracuse for multiple reasons, but the primary reason is Syracuse University College of Law has an outstanding reputation amongst legal professionals.  Likewise, I plan to work in D.C. after graduation, so I was drawn to Syracuse's national reputation and strong alumni network.  And my passion and academic interests passion are very specific: international relations, international human rights law and maritime law.  Between the College of Law and the Maxwell School, I have endless opportunities and resources to pursue my interests.  I did not know this before attending the College of Law, but the faculty and staff are the most talented, incredible and supportive people.  They are truly invested in our success personally and professionally.  I feel fortunate to be a student here."

Christine Szpet
Marlboro, NJ
Syracuse University
Interested in healthcare policy
Area of concentration: Health Law
Moot Court Honor Society
President of Health Law Society

"Syracuse Law offers a warm and welcoming community.  The diversity found in each incoming class provokes thoughtful discussions and debates both inside and outside of the classroom.  The faculty and staff are not just approachable and accessible; they are passionate about providing the students with a solid legal education.  The alumni are committed to networking with both current students and recent graduates across the country.  The decision of which law school to attend is likely to be one of the most important decisions that a future lawyer will make in their professional career.  Simply put, Syracuse Law was my first choice!"

Christine Szpet

James Voyles
Lakeland, FL
Brigham Young University
University of Utah (master's)

"My decision to attend Syracuse University College of Law was based on many factors.  I felt welcomed by the great Admissions Office staff and immediately thought that Syracuse would be a good fit for me.  The outstanding reputation of Syracuse Law was also important to me as I considered my law school options.  Finally, having the opportunity to pursue one of a variety of certificates or joint degree programs was particularly appealing to me."

Chelsea Woizesko
Baltimore, MD
University of Maryland
Journal of International Law and Commerce, Associate Editor;Securities Arbitration and Consumer Clinic, Student Attorney;and D.C. Externship Program Participant

"The location of Syracuse Law as part of the beautiful Syracuse University campus was attractive to me.  The school is supported by a friendly and welcoming atmosphere created by the students, staff and faculty.  From the very first day of orientation, Syracuse Law focuses on building important legal skills that can be used well beyond law school.  The College of Law provides all the resources you need to be a successful student.  This includes the Offices of Student Life and Professional and Career Development, who work to assist students with tutoring programs and academic and professional advising.  Syracuse Law provides everything you need to make the most of law school."

Chelsea Woizesko