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Who is your Loan Servicer?

Loan Servicers


Students should be familiar with the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) website. From this website, students can keep track of their educational loan debt. The NSLDS summary does not include private (alternative) educational loan debt.

What does NSLDS inform students about?

-          Loan Servicers.

-          How much do students owe?

-          How much interest has accrued on loans?

Why should students utilize NSLDS?

-          Students should not run the risk of missing important mail from loan servicers! Students should set up up an account with EACH loan servicer with up-to-date information.

-          Students should know if their loans are in an in school deferment.

-          Student should know when they will begin loan repayment.

For a complete list of Loan Servicing Centers for Students, click here.


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