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LL.M. Program Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate in the LL.M. program?

The LL.M. in American Law at Syracuse University College of Law is for those who hold a degree in law from a foreign institution, or who are licensed to practice law in their country.

How many credits is the LL.M. program?

Students in the LL.M. program must complete a minimum of 24 credits in the law school; and they may enroll in up to an additional 4 law school credits each semester. With the approval of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, students in the LL.M. program may also enroll in up to 6 credits at another graduate school at Syracuse University.

When is the LL.M. application deadline?

May 15. Students are encouraged to apply at any time of the year. Applications are reviewed by the Admissions Committee as they become complete and decisions are made on an on-going basis.

What is the LL.M. application fee?


What is the Student-to-Faculty ratio at the College of Law?

There are 12 students per 1 professor. This allows for a more intimate learning environment. 

Where do your students come from?

LL.M. students have come from all over the world, including China, Turkey, Kenya, Argentina, the West Bank, Pakistan, the United States, and S. Korea.

Does the LL.M. program offer scholarships?

Please contact our office at llmadmissions@law.syr.edu to obtain information about scholarship and/or partnership opportunities.

Does the College of Law offer housing for LL.M. students? 

The College of Law provides a variety of resources that can assist LL.M. students in securing affordable and appropriate housing in Syracuse. However, the College of Law does not arrange housing for students.  Nearly all of our students enter into monthly lease agreements with a property-owner (also known as a “landlord”) to rent an off-campus apartment. It is common for students to rent an apartment with one or more other students; which usually reduces the cost of monthly rent. Popular options for an apartment include the newly-constructed Campus West Apartments and the Euclid Avenue neighborhood because they are located close to campus and students can usually walk to and from the law school. Other resources commonly used by students are the websites: orangehousing.com and Craigslist.   Additional options for apartments include the outer-Comstock and Westcott neighborhoods, as well as various apartment buildings in downtown Syracuse. Note: students should be aware that by entering into a lease they are entering into a binding legal document and, therefore, may be subject to the obligations therein.

Is public transportation readily available?

Yes. The Syracuse University campus and local Syracuse area operate the CENTRO bus system. Check out the CENTRO website for information on stops that will serve your needs at CENTRO BUS. The Syracuse University campus also hosts the Zipcar program.

Can I schedule a formal visit to the College of Law?

The Admissions Office schedules individual visits for prospective students. Once you have selected a date to visit, contact the admissions office at 1/315/443-1962 or llmadmissions@law.syr.edu to make an appointment. During your visit you can sit in on a law class, take a tour of the College of Law facilities, meet with LL.M. program staff and administration.

Who should I contact with more questions?

Andrew S. Horsfall, Esq. '05 L'10, Associate Director of Admissions and Assistant Director of the LL.M. Program at llmadmissions@law.syr.edu.

For More Information:

Andrew S. Horsfall, Esq '05 L'10
Associate Director of Admissions
Assistant Director of the LL.M. Program

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