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LL.M. Program Options and Information

Option II: LL.M. in American Law + English-Language Training 

Students who wish to refine and develop their English-language skills before pursuing their LL.M. in American Law may enroll in intense English-language training at Syracuse University’s English Language Institute

The English Language Institute (ELI) offers premier language instruction to students from around the world, in all proficiency levels, before they begin their academic program on campus. Courses are offered in the Fall semester, Spring semester, Summer Session 1, and Summer Session 2 (when ELI offers the “Legal English” summer course).
The “Legal English” Summer Session provides a foundation in legal terminology and language usage in listening, speaking, reading, legal research, and writing. The course provides twenty-five instructional hours per week.

To apply for Option II, follow the application instructions for the LL.M. program, and complete the ELI application form(s) found on the ELI website.