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Male Roommates

Male Students Interested in Finding a Roommate
Syracuse University College of Law 2014


Email Address

State of Residence

Undergraduate School

Smoking or Non


Oliver Khouri okhouri1@binghamton.edu New Jersey SUNY Binghamton Either

Non-smoker, but does not mind living with smoker.  Looking for someone to rent off campus with.

David Sieling dave.remembertomorrow@gmail.com New York RIT/Brockport E-cigs

Looking to save money, plan to spend most weekends off campus.  Sadly, a TV junkie.  My work history is in music, politics, and TV.  I already have a great pair of basketball season tickets, and my roommate will likely enjoy the fruits of my labor.  I grew up in Syracuse so I know the town.  Ideally looking for a 2 bedroom apt within reasonable walking distance.