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Meet Our Alumni

Robert E. Futrell, Jr., Class of 1994
Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton LLP, Partner
Raleigh, NC

Contact me at rfutrell@wyrick.com

I grew up in North Carolina and the heart of ACC Country, but I was aware of the excellent reputation of Syracuse University and the College of Law.  Syracuse Law offered a quality legal education with a national focus.  I could have attended a local law school that focused more on state law and passing the North Carolina Bar, but the broader perspective offered by Syracuse Law was important to me.   Although I ultimately returned to North Carolina to practice, my education and experiences at Syracuse Law have served me well over the years.

Robert E. Futrell

David M. Tang, Class of 2005
Underberg & Kessler LLP, Associate
Rochester, NY

Contact me at dtang@underbergkessler.com

Having the opportunity to develop practical skills, while serving clients through the in-house clinical programs, is one reason SU Law was a great fit for me.  I had a great experience in the Low Income Taxpayer Clinic.  Also, the quality of the moot court and trial advocacy programs is very high and I know I benefitted from both.  Finally, I knew I wanted to practice law in New York State.  Although Syracuse grads are practicing all around the country, the SU Law alumni networks in upstate and NYC are very well established. 

David Tang
Amy M. Vanderlyke, Class of 2007
Sugarman Law Firm, LLP, Associate
Syracuse, NY
Contact me at avanderlyke@sugarmanlaw.com

SU Law was the right fit for me because I spent two years at Syracuse University for graduate school and already felt vested in the University campus.  I knew that SU Law had a variety of clinical programs that would expose me to different areas of the law and help me find the right application of my legal degree.  I was able to become a very active student leader and help create a moot court team in an area of law in which SU Law had not previously competed.  That team continues to compete today.  Being only an hour away from my family provided a great support system, and the diverse weather conditions provided year-round stress relievers and entertainment.
Amy M. Vanderlyke

Sonia Worrell Asare, Class of 2006
Office of the Connecticut Secretary of the State, Attorney
Adjunct Professor of Economics
Hartford, CT

Contact me at soniaworrell@yahoo.com

Syracuse College of Law offered a unique legal education.  The law school curriculum offered me the opportunity to obtain a Juris Doctorate Degree, a Certificate Corporate Law, and a Masters in Economics.  I developed lifelong friendships with my classmates and many of the administrative staff.  My experience at Syracuse College of Law has been extremely instrumental in developing a diverse and fulfilling career.  

Sonia Worrell Asare
Arjay G. Yao, Class of 2005
Martin Clearwater & Bell LLP, Appellate Counsel
New York, NY

Contact me at yaoa@mcblaw.com

Syracuse Law was ideal for me because I was looking for a New York-based school with a national reputation. Additionally, I wanted a school that emphasized community and fostered strong relationships among the faculty, students, and administration. Syracuse Law met those criteria and provided a solid foundation for my legal career.

Arjay G. Yao