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Attending a Law School with a National Reputation

Attending a Law School with a National Reputation

by Samantha Diorio (1L)

When I began my search for finding the right law school, I knew from my experience at the undergraduate level that an institution with a national reputation was a must. Such a reputation is more than simply recognizing a name on a sweatshirt or sticker on the back of a car. When you attend a school with a national reputation such as Syracuse's, the name carries with it a weight of excellence and prestige. Students are happy to be here and alumni are proud to call Syracuse Law their alma mater. Fellow law students, attorneys, and employers know the high caliber of legal education being taught at Syracuse. When a student graduates from Syracuse Law, future employers and fellow attorneys know that the student was an integral part of an environment that truly strives to make its students the best attorneys they can be.

The fact that a person completely unaffiliated with the university, living thousands of miles away, is able to say they know Syracuse, and its high level of academic success, is a testament of the students and faculty that have come before us. They worked tirelessly to make Syracuse Law a better place to learn than when they arrived. This is the key to maintaining such a level of national admiration. When students arrive in Syracuse, they are eager to begin their legal journey. What is remarkable is that the students continue to remain engaged in their legal education well past graduation. Such passion in the continuation of learning the law allows Syracuse Law alumni to remain involved in the direction and success of the school. It is this commitment to the success of Syracuse Law that allows it to remain a law school with a noteworthy national reputation.

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