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Getting involved with Syracuse University Sports

by Meghan Liptak (1L)

Syracuse University College of Law has plenty of things to offer academically. Some examples are great professors, tutors, a strong Office of Student Life, and Office of Professional & Career Development. However, every law student needs to find something to get their mind off the library every now and then. Luckily, for the perfect extracurricular activity at Syracuse, you don’t have to look far. Located right next door to the law school is our neighboring building, also known as the Carrier Dome.

Growing up just 15 minutes outside of Syracuse, Orange has been my favorite color since I can remember. Syracuse not only has a rich academic history, but an athletic one as well. My parents still talk about when the Dome was completed in 1980 after replacing Archbold Stadium. Since then, they have held the Big East Conference men's basketball tournament, and two NCAA men’s lacrosse championships, along with countless other historical games.

The Dome is called home not just to student-athletes, but students who turned out to be famed athletes, some even legends. In the world of lacrosse, Syracuse’s history just doesn’t get any better. Gary Gait, one of the greatest men’s lacrosse players of all time, played at Syracuse from 1987-90 and won three national championships. He is now coaching the SU women’s lacrosse team. The special thing about Syracuse is the players become more than just figures you see on the field or court. You become invested in them and they in turn are invested in Syracuse.

Two greats I hold close to my heart are Donovan McNabb and Carmelo Anthony. After joining the football team in 1994, McNabb went to be one of the greatest quarterbacks to be seen by Syracuse. He may have won a Super Bowl with the Eagles, but to me McNabb’s greatest feat will always be what he did at Syracuse. That’s because when someone comes here with all that talent, the whole city rallies behind them. I can remember being a little girl and hearing my family members watching games and yelling out his name. Then there was Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo gets my favoritism, maybe because Syracuse basketball is my favorite past time, or maybe because we bumped into each other at Panera when he was a freshman. Although it is mostly because when he won Syracuse the National Championship in 2003 my entire school dressed in Orange the next day with ‘Melo on their t-shirts.

Those are just some of the events and players that have built my love of Syracuse University athletics. Some of my best Dome memories however, were as an accepted student and while I was attending the College of Law. I will never forget last February stepping into the Dome with 35,000 other people watching Carmelo Anthony retire his jersey. Not only was the Georgetown game one of the most exciting events I have ever seen, I had chills seeing Carmelo at halftime. The fact that there were 35,000 people on their feet cheering for someone who only had one year to make such a huge impact on Syracuse proves it all. Knowing I would be attending the College of Law in the fall made the feeling that much better. This year as a student, I was able to see Donovan McNabb retire his jersey, and famed football coach Don McPherson return as well. These moments reminded me just what opportunities Syracuse University can offer people in various ways.

Although I have already experienced so many great moments as an Orange fan, I have a feeling that some of my best memories will come as a student at the College of Law. Not only do I have countless more t-shirts to wear, I now can go to the games with my classmates and get to feel even more like a part of the Syracuse community. Also important to note, with Syracuse entering the ACC, we will have the chance to watch Syracuse Basketball take on Duke, Indiana, UNC, Notre Dame, and countless other new rivalries in the Dome. It was a happy day when my men’s basketball season tickets came in the mail.

While academics play such an important role at Syracuse University College of Law, it is nice to know that when you step in the Carrier Dome, you become part of not just the University community, but the whole city as well. Your priorities, even if just for a little while, may shift from your legal homework to Trevor Cooney on this men’s basketball team hitting his next three. Just beware, once you come home to the Dome, you probably won’t want to leave. There’s proof everywhere…just walk around a little bit and you’ll see one of the greatest in the men’s lacrosse, Mikey Powell in the stands. Go grab a slice at Varsity Pizza before heading into the Dome and then glance at a picture of famed Syracuse football player and Atlanta Falcon, Tim Green. You can then even expect to see him and his family at the game. Syracuse College of Law will leave you with a great academic experience, but also great athletic memories as well. Just know when people put on Orange that color stays in their closet for life.

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