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Visiting Law Schools

Making it work with family obligations

by Brooke Koester (1L)

It has been harder for me than most to make the trip home for family or friend obligations since I am originally from Ohio. Despite the distance, I have managed to make it fit into my schedule. Within my first semester of school, I went home twice before winter break. As long as you plan ahead and organize when you will finish your work, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to go home and attend any function that may arise. For instance, within one month of being in school, I had to go home for my best friend’s wedding. I made sure to finish all of my readings earlier in the week before I took the train home. I was also able to review for classes and catch up on sleep on the train. 

The nice thing about Syracuse is that there are multiple modes of transportation that you can take. Depending on your price and urgency, you could choose from four different transportation methods. 


Train – There are two trains you can take out of Syracuse; the Greyhound and Amtrak. I took the Amtrak and had a very pleasant experience. It only took an extra hour than driving and I was able to study on the train, as well as sleep. Also, as long as you book your ticket within a week or more ahead of time, the tickets are pretty inexpensive. For me, it was cheaper to take the train home than to drive. 

Bus – There is the Megabus that can take you to different parts of New York. Again, it takes a little more time to get there, but the bus allows you to study during the trip and is extremely inexpensive.

Airplane – This may be the most expensive mode of transportation, but it can save you a lot of time if needed. Again, you can study on the flight.

Driving – Driving allows you the convenience of a flexible timetable. However, you will lose some studying time while driving. If you are concerned about losing the extra study time though, you can play class lectures on tape in your car while driving.

Even though law school takes a lot of your time, it is still possible to fulfill any family obligation that may arise. As long as you plan ahead and stay organized with what you need to accomplish, you shouldn’t have any problems with balancing both aspects of your life.

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