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Visiting Law Schools

The Value of the Syracuse Law Alumni Network

by Christopher Jennison (1L)

Choosing the right law school, searching for internships and externships, learning about different practice areas, and tackling the job application process are just a few of the challenges outside the classroom that await you before you’ll be a practicing lawyer. Each of these obstacles however can be made far easier with a strong and supportive alumni network. Syracuse University’s College of Law has many assets, although the alumni network is one of the best features of the College. 

Since my first day freshman year at Syracuse University, there has not been a single city I’ve visited where I haven’t found another Orangeman and bonded over our love/hate relationship with the snow, the spirit of games at the Carrier Dome, and the excellence of a Syracuse education. There is no stronger bond than that between members of the Orange Nation. Since entering the College, I have seen that the tribulations of law school only strengthen the willingness of alumni to help one another out.

When I was torn between Syracuse and another law school, I reached out to our Admissions Office and they quickly connected me with Syracuse Law alumni who practiced in a similar legal field of interest in Maryland. I was coming from Maryland and hoped to return after law school so it was a huge relief at how quickly alumni were identified in the local area. That instance alone made me realize the value of the Syracuse network.  I was then connected with Adam Katz, a federal attorney in New York, and the SU Law Alumni Association President, who spent more than an hour telling me all the advantages of a Syracuse law degree.  Even as a prospective student, the law school was already connecting me with a federal judge, a partner at a DC law firm, and a federal prosecutor!

When you come to Syracuse, you will be amazed at the outpouring support from alumni and you will come to “bleed orange” yourself!

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