Ariel Blanco
Oxford, MS
University of Mississippi
Interested in Civil Rights, Criminal Law, Human Rights, Immigration Law, Public Interest
"Syracuse University College of Law was appealing to me from day one. After learning more about Syracuse University through an ambassador-led tour and the admitted student day, I began to feel the power of orange. The facilities are top notch, the faculty and staff are world-class, and the alumni network is prestigious. There are few law schools that provide the opportunity to obtain joint degrees within the traditional 3-year law school time frame. Also, the opportunities for experiential learning range from in-house legal clinics to externship programs in D.C, NY, and London. I am confident in saying that Syracuse Law promotes the highest of standards. "

Katherine Brisson
Cicero, NY
Syracuse University

Interested in Criminal Law
"After attending admitted students day, I immediately knew that SUCOL was the perfect match for me. The facilities are state of the art, the faculty is amazing, and I could sense an overall excitement at SUCOL. Everyone I met that day went out of their way to answer every question I had and made me feel welcomed. Since deciding on SUCOL, I’ve quickly realized that our alumni network is incredible and they all genuinely want to help current students succeed.SUCOL has a strong relationship with the greater Syracuse community, which gives students great clinical, experiential, and pro bono opportunities. I feel that I’m getting an excellent legal education and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to attend SUCOL!

Chanan Brown

Portsmouth, OH
The Ohio State University
Interested in Public Interest Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution
"The reasons why I chose Syracuse are countless, but there were three things that truly stood out in making my decision. First and foremost, I wanted a law school with a well-respected faculty and rigorous curricula. I have found that professors at Syracuse have encouraged me to challenge myself and expand my ways of thinking, both in the theoretical analysis of the law and in the practical application of legal principles. In addition to academic opportunities, I also wanted a school with strong institutional support for LGBTQ+ students and an active and visible LGBTQ+ community. Syracuse meets all six institutional factors measured by the LSAC’s LGBT Survey, which was an important aspect in my choosing where to apply. I’ve also found a wonderful community in the school’s gay-straight alliance, OUTLaw. Through OUTLaw, I’ve met remarkable friends and mentors who have made a positive impact on every aspect of my life as a law student. Finally, my decision to attend Syracuse was greatly influenced by the school’s reputation and vibrant alumni network. It was important to me to attend a school that was part of a larger university and, in addition to the College of Law’s prominent reputation within legal communities across the country, the university is home to a lively intellectual and scholastic community as a nationally recognized research institution. Further, I’ve met numerous alum who show a genuine interest in my experiences and goals and are invested in my future success."

Joana Coloma

Miami, FL
Florida International University
Interested in Corporate Law, Entertainment Law, Family Law, Immigration Law, & Real Estate/Land Use Planning
"I chose Syracuse University College of Law because of my experience during admitted students day. The professors, the faculty and the students all made me feel very welcome. Everyone was extremely helpful and every interaction was incredibly personal. After hearing about all the externships, clinics, alumni connections, the dual degree programs, and the many opportunities available here in the area, I decided that SUCOL would provide me the best tools for my future."

Jeanine Cryan
Bronxville, New York
Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Interested in Family/International Law
"I am thrilled to begin my journey here at SUCOL following in the footsteps of my grandfather, Vito Pastore, who is an alumnus of the Syracuse University College of Law Class of 1962. The Power of Orange and strong alumni community provide an incredible network of scholars and professionals in every aspect of legal education and practice. My experience as the recipient of a Fulbright U.S. Student Award to Greece peaked my interest in pursuing further education in the area of international law. I hoped to combine my interest in international law with the chance to gain hands-on professional experience abroad through SUCOL’s LondonEX externship program, an eight-week summer experience that offers the opportunity to learn from London’s leading legal practitioners in a variety of settings. At Syracuse University College of Law I have the freedom and the support to pursue my varied interests in the company of talented and dedicated peers."

Aubre Dean

Crowley, TX
Texas A&M University

Interested in Corporate Law, Civil Rights Law, Immigration Law, International Law, & Public Interest Law

"Being from Texas, I never imagined moving to Central New York for law school. While participating in admitted student’s day I discovered Syracuse was the perfect match for me. When I began looking for my law school, I knew two specific things; I did not want to be just an enrollment number and the school had to have a strong sense of community. During my visit, current law students explained how much the administration and faculty really care about the success of each individual student. It was obvious from our interactions they had a strong connection not only to each other but also Syracuse Law. Aesthetically, Dineen is beautiful and well equipped, however, it is the faculty, staff and students inside the building that make it such a special place. Syracuse really has become my home away from home."


Chitra Dave
Central Florida (FL)
Interested in Corporate Law
 "I chose Syracuse University College of Law after I visited the school upon my acceptance. The facilities and opportunities at the school were what I was drawn into. The school makes students their priorities and the staff offer an endless supply of support and help. SU College of Law provides a familial environment which is welcoming to all students and makes the transition into law school easier. Choosing SU Law was the best decision I made, and I have not regretted it since."


Jefferson Dedrick
Allegany, NY
State University of New York at Fredonia
Interested in Government/Public Sector Law
“When it came down to decision time, I created a chart quantifying all of my qualitative data. I knew that Syracuse was among my top options, but I had never sat down to sort out what school had what. When I did, I quickly realized that Syracuse was the place I needed to be. A nationally known university and highly regarded law school, set in the middle of beautiful Central New York, in an astonishingly sleek and modern academic building. World-renowned faculty who continue to be on the front lines of current legal issues within their fields. The potential for advanced certification programs in the field of national security or a dual degree, including a Masters in Public Administration from the top school in the country. And you can do those at the same time without paying more per semester! Cutting-edge externships in Washington, DC and around the country, and engaged, connected alumni throughout the world. Suffice to say, I didn't come to Syracuse Law just for the basketball or Destiny USA.”

Eric Duncan

Joseph City, AZ
Arizona State University
Interested in Litigation
"I chose Syracuse when I came to visit the campus with my wife. I was unable to attend one of the scheduled admitted student days but the admissions staff worked out an alternative day just for me. The effort of the staff to ensure that my wife and I had a wonderful experience really stuck with me. In addition to the wonderful admissions staff, I loved the focus the school places on trial advocacy because I want to pursue a career as a trial attorney. The combination of wonderful staff and resources made choosing Syracuse an easy choice!" 

Erika Simonson

Alexandra Gladu
Virginia Beach, VA
UNC Chapel Hill
Interested in Communications Law, Corporate Law, & Real Estate/Land Use Planning
“I came to Syracuse University College of Law because of the apparent opportunities for success. The College of Law offers valuable joint-degree programs, knowledgeable faculty, and an alumni network that spans far and wide. As someone who isn't from New York and doesn't know where she'll ultimately practice, this versatility immediately resonated with me.”

Gladu Alexandra

Julia Gorski
Baldwinsville, NY
Cornell University
Interested in Labor Law & Corporate Law
"I feel like I’ve always knew I wanted to go to law school. Being from the Syracuse area (and not sure if I was ready to move too far away from home) Syracuse University College of Law was at the top of my list. My top three concerns when looking at law schools were reputation, alumni network, and affordability. After a one-on-one visit, I realized Syracuse Law had everything I was looking for and more, including various clinical and experiential learning opportunities. Having never left the Upstate New York area, working in New York City or Washington D.C. has been a dream of mine. At Syracuse Law, the various externship programs offered will give me an opportunity to work in NYC or D.C. before I even graduate law school. "


Brian Gunderson
Indianapolis, IN
Purdue University
Interested in Civil Rights Law
"One of the reasons I chose Syracuse Law is because of former vice president, Joe Biden. He is just one of the many awesome alumni from Syracuse Law. Another reason I chose Syracuse Law was because I want to eventually end up working somewhere on the east coast, specifically, New York City, and picking a school located in the north east is a good starting point. When I came to visit for admitted student day I got to see how nice Dineen Hall is, the beautiful reading room in the library, and I got to meet many faculty, staff, and students. It was during that visit that I could tell that the faculty are really focused on making sure you succeed. I felt like SUCOL really cares about me as a student and my future as a lawyer. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to come to SUCOL."


Gaity Hashimi
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
University of Toronto
Interested in Corporate Law, International Law
"I chose Syracuse Law for several reasons. Firstly, I found that Syracuse Law truly has something to offer for everyone. The externships, clinics, and joint-degree programs provide an opportunity for students to pursue their diverse interests and gain practical experience in different areas of law. Secondly, I was impressed with the fantastic alumni network, which extends all over the United States, providing an edge to Syracuse Law students in their careers. And finally, learning about the amazing faculty and tight-knit community at SUCOL made my decision to study here even easier! "


Blaise Hill
Liverpool, NY
SUNY Oswego
Interested in Sports & Entertainment Law
"Syracuse University College of Law was the first school I researched when looking at law schools and as soon as I toured Dineen Hall it was a no-brainer where I should spend my law school years. This building, the beautiful university, and an opportunity to come back to my hometown were all factors that drew me to attend Syracuse. The Orange Pride this community embodies is contagious and can be felt at all times. SUCOL is unique because it harnesses an excellent academic reputation in a city with lots to do but without the price tag that accompanies much larger cities. There is nowhere else I would want to spend my three years in law school."

Shannon Knapp
LaFayette, New York
Roberts Wesleyan College
Interested in Public Interest Law, Criminal Law, and National Security Law "I decided to attend Syracuse University College of Law after attending the admitted student day. I was immediately blown away by the sense of community, the beautiful building, and the impressive faculty. There are many different options for students to supplement their legal education, including joint degree and certificate programs, as well as the externship and clinical programs. Syracuse University College of Law truly has something for everyone. I look forward to taking advantage of the many opportunities that the College of Law has to offer."

Brian Krastev
Buffalo, NY
University at Buffalo
Interest in Business Law, Estate Law and Immigration Law
"It didn't take long to decide on Syracuse Law. Once I saw the beautiful campus, met the friendly faculty, and was greeted by the welcoming students my mind was made up. Syracuse College of Law truly has something to offer for everyone whether that be the externship programs or the various organizations and volunteer opportunities. I have been able to fit right in and am proud to call Syracuse Law my home away from home."


Maddie Loewenguth
Rochester, NY
University of Pittsburgh
Interested in Corporate Law and Sports Law
"I chose Syracuse University College of Law, after attending admitted student day. I was drawn to Syracuse by the vast alumni network but I ultimately decided to attend because of the welcoming atmosphere I experienced when I visited. I was thrilled to see a law school environment where students, professors and faculty genuinely seemed excited to help everyone succeed in their own way. I was also thrilled to hear about opportunities for experiential learning such as the expanding externship programs and all of the clinics that the school has to offer. Every day that I am here I learn something new about the College of Law and find something else I want to participate in. I know that I made a great choice and that this university will help me to thrive as a law student. "


John Longo
East Brunswick, NJ
SUNY Potsdam
Interested in Criminal Law
"I chose Syracuse College of Law after visiting for the first time. Syracuse University is a name that is known worldwide. I planned on attending a school with a highly regarded reputation, diverse student body, large alumni base, and desire to help students succeed. SU Law encompasses all of those attributes and adds many more. On my visit, I was able to speak with students in their first, second, and third years as well as staff members. The students had only positive things to say about the school, the facilities, and the staff. In addition to the students, the staff members made me feel comfortable with their friendly personalities. After this visit, I knew that I had found the right school for me where I could succeed.”


Alexis Mitchell-Dugan
Harker Heights, TX
Syracuse University
Interested in Criminal Law, Family Law, and National Security & Counterterrorism Law
"During my undergraduate years at SU, I knew that this was the place I belonged and where I was supposed to stay for law school. From the moment I walked into the law school for my first tour of the building and interview with the admissions staff, I felt like I was family. I did not feel like just another name, but rather everyone took the time to get to know me. While I was sitting in on a 1L course in the spring, I felt like I was home. I could see myself attending classes in this building and more important I could see myself becoming a Syracuse University College of Law alumna. I never have regretting my decision to attend SUCOL and the opportunities here are endless. Here we are not just students, but rather we are all family."

Omar Mosqueda
Salem, OR
Baylor University
Interested in Family Law and Social Policy, Criminal Law
"I chose Syracuse because I wanted the law school that best fit my needs. I wanted something close enough to the city that I would be able to gain valuable experience but also far enough away that I wasn’t paying the city prices. I really wanted a school that provided me with the best education with supportive faculty as well as an alumni network that reached far beyond the state boundaries of New York. Being from Oregon, doing my undergraduate studies in Texas, and now living in New York, I wanted to make sure my law school was able to provide me with the resources to ensure I could be connected all over the world."

Rachel Olszewski
Dallas, PA
Pennsylvania State University
Interested in Criminal Law, Family Law, & Civil Litigation "I decided to attend Syracuse University College of Law after coming to tour the facility with my family. Prior to visiting the College of Law, I was intrigued by their educational opportunities, such as their clinics and externship programs. When I visited SUCOL I was extremely impressed by its modern architecture and the technology-based amenities offered throughout the building. I knew this was a place I could see myself. Now, more than halfway through my first semester, I could not be more pleased with my decision in attending SUCOL. Upon my arrival, I immediately felt part of an unbelievable community from my fellow students to the professors and staff. I look forwards to my future studies at Syracuse University College of Law!"

J. Esteban Rodríguez
Toa Alta, Puerto Rico
Syracuse University
Interested in International Law and National Security & Counter Terrorism
"It didn't take long to decide on Syracuse Law. Once I saw the beautiful campus, met the friendly faculty, and was greeted by the welcoming students my mind was made up. Syracuse College of Law truly has something to offer for everyone whether that be the externship programs or the various organizations and volunteer opportunities. I have been able to fit right in and am proud to call Syracuse Law my home away from home."

Ariana Saadipour Sellés
Humacao, PR
University of Puerto Rico (PR)
Interested in Health Law
"After visiting Syracuse University College of Law during an Admitted Student’s Day, I instantly knew it was the school for me. Being so far from my family was something that worried me, but the SUCOL family embraces all incoming students and makes them feel right at home. For incoming students like me that are not 100% sure what type of law to specialize in or practice, SUCOL offers several clinics, externship experiences, and dual degree programs. The professors and staff really want students to succeed while make the journey for discovering what they’re interested in a pleasant and exciting one. The welcoming and friendly environment along with the school’s reputation and strong networking with alumni reminds me every day of the excellent decision I made in choosing SUCOL. The Orange Pride is real!"


Kristian Stefanides
Forty Fort, PA
Villanova University
Interested in Corporate Law, Entertainment Law, Intellectual Property, and Real Estate/Land Use Planning
"I knew from the moment I stepped into the admissions office during my first visit to Syracuse University College of Law and was welcomed by so many friendly faces that SUCOL would be the right fit for my legal education. This feeling extended into my experience at Admitted Student’s Day. In addition to the welcoming community, I chose SUCOL for its wide range of experiential opportunities, specifically the clinics and externship programs, that I found second to none. From the brand-new state-of-the-art building, the University's reputation, large alumni network, dual degree programs, and high bar-passage rate, I knew SUCOL would allow me to reach my fullest potential as a student and future attorney. After having been here for just a few months, I could not feel more confident in my decision to attend and am continually impressed by all that the College of Law and the University has to offer.”


Rachel Vincent
Chittenango, NY
SUNY Potsdam
Interested in Environmental Law, Zoning & Land Use, Real-estate Law, and Elder Law
"Being from the area, I knew right away that I wanted to attend SUCOL when I decided to pursue law school. After meeting with current students, staff, and faculty on admitted students’ day, I felt that the community atmosphere was so welcoming and friendly that I had to come to Syracuse. I was also intrigued by the network of alumni and the opportunities available in so many different areas of law. There are also so many opportunities through clinics and organizations to get involved with the community. Having an interest in community development, I thought that there was no better place than Syracuse than to begin my legal career."

Caleb Williamson
Arverne, NY
Hamilton College
Interested in Civil Rights Law, Criminal Law, National Security & Counterterrorism Law, and Public Interest
"I fell in love with Syracuse twice: on paper, and in person. On paper, Syracuse Law offered everything I was looking for in a law school—excellent teacher to student ratio, aggressively active and supportive alums, and strong externship opportunities and joint degree opportunities. When I toured the school, I fell in love with the school for a second time. This time, I fell in love with what the building, itself, had to offer—state of the art classrooms, a gorgeous library, and countless study spaces overlooking the scenic mountains of Central New York! In short, Syracuse had all I was looking for and much more! The fact that we are right next to the Carrier Dome is an added bonus!”