Ben Millard
Greenwich, CT
Trinity College (CT).
Interested in JAG, Criminal Law, Sports Law
"I chose Syracuse University College of Law after coming to admitted student day. The facilities of the law school were stunning, there was a strong sense of community and camaraderie amongst the students, and the faculty were incredibly impressive. What really sold me on Syracuse was the fact that they made the students’ success their priority, both during and post law school. After being here for two months, the school continues to impress me in its commitment to my legal education and post-graduate success. "

Brian Kim

Waco, TX
Baylor University (TX)

Interested in National Security and Criminal Law
"I decided to attend Syracuse University College of Law (SUCOL) after visiting for the first time during admitted student day. I was immediately drawn by the beautiful space and felt welcomed by the SUCOL community. A major factor in my decision to attend was the number of joint degree options, specifically with the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. My transition from Texas to New York was made much easier by exceptional faculty and staff, and I look forward to many opportunities that the College of Law has to offer.

Christopher S McIlveen

Jonesville, NC
UNC Chapel Hill
Interested in Communications Law and Corporate Law
"My consideration of Syracuse University College of Law was, initially, a decision based on the name recognition and reputation of the school. When applying to law schools, I had no idea of where I wanted to practice, but I knew that the name recognition and alumni base of Syracuse University College of Law were important in my decision to attend. Further, the willingness of students, faculty and staff to promote each student’s success, in what is an inherently competitive environment, was a value that I knew would be immensely beneficial throughout law school. In addition, I was interested in pursuing a joint degree, and Syracuse’s joint degree programs present flexible opportunities that are in fields of great interest to me. "

Connor Barnett

Simsbury, CT
Hobart College (NY)
Interested in Criminal law and Family law
"I choose Syracuse law school for many reasons including the amazing alumni network and all the opportunities to get involved. The school also offers opportunities for everyone to get involved with anything from clinics to externships. Another reason why I chose this school is because of the first impression I got when I visited for admitted student’s day. The school made me feel right at home and made me feel like I was already a student here. The professors and staff here also truly care about your success and are always available to help. I can say with confidence that I’m glad I chose to attend Syracuse Law school and if given the opportunity would choose it all over again."

Connor Barnett

Danielle Wilner
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
York University
Interested in Corporate Law
"After attending my admitted student day, I instantly knew Syracuse University College of Law was the school for me. I’ve always been interested in corporate law and the network of professors and alumni at Syracuse have allowed me opportunities to gain knowledge and a thorough understanding of what to expect in the workplace. As an international student, the admissions staff and office of student life have been available and extremely approachable in addressing the challenges of moving to a new country and feeling at ease doing so. I could not be happier with my choice to attend Syracuse and the opportunities it has provided to me! "

Donya Feizbakhsh
White Plains, NY
University of Delaware
Interested in Media/Entertainment Law
 "I chose Syracuse University College of Law because of its unique relationship with its alumni and the rest of Syracuse University’s campus. The familial atmosphere of the law school creates a foundation between current students and alumni. Our alumni care about the future of the students at SU Law and are vastly connected around the country. This network extends nationally and within SU’s campus. The dual-degree programs allow law students to graduate with a Master’s degree from renowned graduate programs on campus. The family within SU Law helps connect you with the best people, the best programs and ensures you make the most of your time bleeding orange."

Donya Feizbakhsh

Erika Hooker
West Winfield, NY
Cornell University
Interested in Immigration, Estate, Business, Agricultural
“I first visited Syracuse University College of Law during an admitted student’s day. I was able to speak with students from every grade and will never forget the first Property class I sat in on. The entire hour was dynamic, interesting and engaging. Being from the Upstate area and having taken a few years off after my undergraduate to volunteer with the Peace Corps in Senegal, I knew Syracuse would be high on my list before ever stepping foot on campus. In the end, I chose to attend for the inclusiveness I felt during the admitted student’s day, the wide array of experiential class opportunities and availability of financial aid, and an impressive bar passage rate that made me confident of the good education I would receive. ”

Erika Simonson
Mansfield, TX
Texas Christian University
Interested in National Security Law; International Law
"After visiting Syracuse at an Admitted Student’s Day, it easily became my first choice for my legal education. My visit was so personalized, and everyone I encountered could not have made me feel more at home. I learned about programs such as the D.C. Externships, Law in London, and Dual-Degrees, opportunities that were unmatched by other schools I was interested in, and knew Syracuse Law would provide the ultimate catalyst for success." 

Erika Simonson

Gerald Bannon
Carbondale, PA
Penn State
Interested in Corporate Law, Tax Law, International Law
“As soon as I stepped through the door at Syracuse University College of Law, I knew that this was the place where I wanted to receive my legal education. From the excellent joint-degree programs offered with other Colleges at the University, to the world-class faculty, to the modern facilities, to the individualized attention that each student receives, I could not picture myself going to law school elsewhere. All of the faculty, staff, and even fellow students will go out of their way to make you a part of the larger SUCOL community. Coming from an undergraduate institution with one of the most extensive alumni bases in the country, I was also very impressed with SUCOL’s network of high-achieving and prestigious alumni. From clinics, to externships, to programs abroad, Syracuse University College of Law has something to offer for everyone!”

Gerald Bannon

Jason Adelstone
Denver, CO
Arizona State
Interested in Entrepreneurial Law
"My experience during my admitted student day was the primary reason I chose to attend Syracuse Law School. I visited many schools before choosing Syracuse and none of them provided such a welcoming atmosphere. I was blown away by the individual attention the school gives to each student. It’s been 10 years since I finished my undergraduate studies and the individual attention the faculty and staff has provided made my transition back to school seamless. I would highly recommend Syracuse Law for anyone looking for a communal law school rather than the cut-throat curve driven atmosphere many schools foster. "

Jason Adelstone

Jordan E. Beal
Provo, UT
Brigham Young University
Interested in Criminal Defense and Public Interest
"I was drawn to Syracuse University College of Law because of the wide range of courses available to students. There are many incredible professors who specialize in a broad array of legal areas at Syracuse Law. I also chose Syracuse Law because it prepares students to practice law anywhere in the United States, not just in the State of New York. I am not sure where I will go after law school, but I know that because of my time at Syracuse Law, I will be prepared to practice law wherever I go."

Jordan Beal

Joshua Caron
Naples, NY
University of Utah
Interested in Business law, and criminal law
"Syracuse University College of Law appealed to me for many reasons. The alumni network and “Syracuse” brand recognition was important, but it was really the dual degree opportunities at Syracuse that interested me most. Also, being a retired Air Force Master Sergeant, I value that Syracuse offers a free legal clinic for veterans. Additionally, Central New York is a great jumping off point to enjoy the region’s skiing, mountain biking, and hiking areas. After visiting Dineen Hall during Admitted Student Days, I knew Syracuse was right for me. The facilities here are world class!"

Josh Caron

LeeAnne Pedrick
Cortland, NY
Le Moyne College
Interested in Estate and Real Estate Law
"Syracuse, for me, was the only law school I really wanted to go to. I went to undergrad for the past four years in Syracuse, and I couldn't picture myself going to law school anywhere else but here. Syracuse University College of Law has a great bar passage rate, which is extremely important to me. Additionally, Syracuse has a great joint degree program for a variety of different masters programs, but especially the Masters in Public Administration through the Maxwell School which is rated number one in the country. I am able to get both degrees in three years which will make me a more competitive applicant when it's time to apply to jobs. Syracuse is the perfect place for me to reach my fullest potential for academic and professional success."

LeeAnne Pedrick

Meghan D. Vumback
Northford, CT
Marist College
Interested in Public Interest & Criminal Law
"What attracted me most to Syracuse Law was the combination of the clinical and experiential learning opportunities, creating an integrating learning experience that I knew would best prepare me for a successful career. I wanted to attend a nationally recognized school and with Syracuse, I was impressed with the large campus feel with a small personalized approach. It was on accepted student day that I knew that I found the right school for me. The energy, the passion and the excitement I felt was amazing. It happened to be the weekend of the Syracuse women's basketball team playing in the National championship and the Syracuse men's basketball team playing in the Final Four. The entire community (even beyond the campus) was bursting with "orange pride" and it was then that I knew I was going to become the newest member of Orange Nation. "

Ptahra Jeppe
Brooklyn, NY
Adelphi University
"I chose to attend Syracuse University College of Law because having severe Dyslexia meant that I needed a school that understands disabilities, knows how to accommodate me and that encourages inclusivity. I was also excited about taking advantage of the joint degree opportunities that the school offered and participating in the disability rights clinic. As a part time student, a person with a disability, and someone who is coming back to academia after working for a few years, I could not have picked a better school. The faculty and staff are very knowledgeable and supportive. It is clear that they really want everyone to succeed! "

Ptahra Jeppe

Robert Kawecki
Charlotte, NC
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Interested in Constitutional Law, Civil Rights Law, and Human Rights Law
"I chose Syracuse Law because it offers great educational and professional opportunities paired with generous financial aid to help make a legal education affordable. I was nervous that it would be a difficult transition moving far away from all of my family and friends, but my professors and fellow students showed me how welcoming this school can be and it didn’t take long for me to feel at home here. I love the options and flexibility Syracuse Law provides for its students in many different areas of interest. At Syracuse Law, you’ll get a well-rounded legal education with opportunities like dual degrees with other esteemed programs at SU, the DC externship and Law in London programs, and plenty of student organizations and clinics to get involved in the College of Law and Syracuse community. "

Robert Kawecki

Robert Rivera
East Brunswick, NJ
NJ City University
Interested in Employment/Veterans Law
"As a non-traditional student and Army veteran, the opportunities that Syracuse University College of Law offered, including pursuing a joint degree in three years, their highly recognized Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism, and focus on Veteran's issues made it a perfect fit. This was further solidified when I walked through the doors for the first time and had a sense of home that I was unable to find elsewhere. The facility, staff, and support structure are second to none, with support extending beyond the four walls with the extensive alumni network that Syracuse is known for.”

Robert Rivera