Thomas Carlon
Woodbury, MN
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Interested in Intellectual Property

"What originally drew me to Syracuse University College of Law was the plethora of joint degree options, specifically the Masters in Engineering. What I learned from my visit to Syracuse was that there are plenty of options and opportunities available to us. For me, the Technology Commercialization Law Program and the D.C. Program were of high interest. With my background in Chemical Engineering, I plan to utilize all of these options to help build a foundation for my future legal career. All of the professors and staff are invested in our future and want us to succeed. This was the most important characteristic that Syracuse offered and I am happy with my choice."

Ashley Chrabot
Jacksonville, FL
Florida State University
Interested in Sports Law

"I chose to attend Syracuse College of Law after attending my admitted student day. The professors and students blew me away with their passion and dedication. Witnessing their undeniable drive made me realize that this would be the school that would ensure my success in law school and in my future career.."

Grace Hwang

Torrance, California
University of the Pacific
Interested in Criminal Law

"I chose Syracuse Law School because I was impressed by the personalized experience they were offering me. Not only were the professors top-notch, but each of the professors had something to offer to the students based on their area of study. I also came from a small, private undergraduate institution so the opportunity to make personal connections with the professors was very important to me. It was reassuring to know that the professors always made themselves very available to the students. I was also able to sense the genuine love all the staff, faculty, and alumni members had for SU Law. I just knew there had to be a reason why everyone was "bleeding orange" so I chose Syracuse Law School to find out."

Shamsheer Kailey
Brampton, ON, Canada
University of Toronto
Interested in International Law

"I chose Syracuse University because of the experience law school extends to its students. The clinics, externships, and study abroad program are just some of the ways for students to get practical experience.  I was also very impressed by the overall ambience of the school during my visit. Everyone from the school staff to the faculty and the students were extremely friendly and helpful. Now having been a part of the school for over a month, I can certainly say that I’m glad I chose Syracuse University!"

Sarah Lafen
Coventry, RI
University of Rhode Island
Interested in Health Care Law and Corporate Law

"I was drawn to Syracuse University College of Law by its supportive community, name recognition, and extensive alumni network.  After attending an admitted student’s day, I immediately felt welcomed and comfortable in the atmosphere of the school.  Everyone connected with SUCOL is truly invested in each student’s legal education.  The willingness of current students, faculty, staff, and alumni to help each student succeed is unparalleled, and each day I am reassured that SUCOL is the right place for me to gain a quality legal education." 

Macy Laster

Bucks County, PA
Pennsylvania State University, University Park
Possibly interested in Criminal Law or Corporate Law

"Syracuse Law was my first choice for a legal education for a variety of reasons including; its unprecedented personalized approach to law school and its prestigious and highly involved alumni and staff. A major factor in my decision to attend SUCOL was the diversity of the programs and specializations offered and the quality of education. Syracuse offers a wide range of courses involving many facets of the law and  nine in-house clinics where students can gain hands on experience with real clients. Since I am still unsure of which specific legal area I am interested in, the opportunities offered by the college of law will give me the unique privilege to actively explore numerous legal areas prior to entering the field. The Syracuse Law educators and alumni are all incredibly invested in each student’s success and provide many opportunities for assistance, networking, and growth that I was unable to find at any other law school."

Lauren Lyons
LaSalle, IL
University of Iowa
Interested in JAG, Veterans Law, Health Law

"I knew when I began applying to schools that I either wanted to join JAG or go into Health Law and combine veterans’ issues along with that. When I first started considering different schools, what stood out to me the most about Syracuse was the Veterans Clinic. After my Admitted Students Day everything else that Syracuse College of Law had to offer was icing on the cake for me."


Grace Monks
Fairport, NY
Cornell University
Interested in Criminal Law

"Being from the Rochester area, I grew up with Syracuse close by and was aware of the university’s national reputation. Upon visiting the College of Law, I was incredibly impressed with the atmosphere of the student body and the approachable faculty. The current students were very helpful in answering any and all of my questions and I had the opportunity to speak with a professor that I am still in contact with today. Any person affiliated SUCOL that I had the pleasure to speak with was exceptionally passionate about helping prospective students and promoting the school. Now that I am a current student, I am extremely happy with my choice and the opportunities that the College of Law has to offer."

Samantha Netzband
Verona, NY
Syracuse University
Civil Rights, Human Rights, Public Interest, Family Law

"Deciding to attend Syracuse University College of Law was an easy decision for me. I received my bachelors from Syracuse and I've grown up in the area, so I knew my transition into law school would be a bit easier than my peers. What really sealed the deal for me though was the people that I encountered every time I visited the school. The best part of the College of Law is the incredible resources and the fact that everyone in the building wants you to succeed. When I saw that environment I knew Syracuse was the place for me."

Samantha Pallini
Green Bay, WI
Bradley University
Interested in Constitutional and Criminal Law

"I was in search of two main things when it came to selecting a law school: (1) a school where the academics focused on theories and strategies I needed to be a knowledgeable, confident attorney, and (2) a school where I was afforded opportunities to put those theories and strategies into play before I graduated. After I did my research and visited with some of the faculty and students, Syracuse Law was the obvious and best choice!

My 1L professors are experts in their fields, teaching in the areas they are passionate about. Classes are not just an involved discussion of what is read, they’re a window into what obstacles attorneys and the legal field face as well as a challenge to make it better.
Additionally, I am already participating in pro bono opportunities, working with cold case investigations and attending multiple networking events. I feel like a valued member of the Syracuse Law family because I’m not treated as if I’m “just a 1L,” I am respected as a future attorney.
When you combine Syracuse Law’s excellent reputation with its rigorous academic courses and practical opportunities, it is unmatched!"

Joshua Parmely

Detroit, MI
Syracuse University
Interested in Criminal, Family, & Sports & Entertainment Law

"I chose Syracuse law for a couple of reasons. It is highly ranked as well as having a national reputation. Dineen hall is a state of the art facility and has a ton to offer. In addition it has one of the best bar passage rates in the state of New York as well."

Astrid Quinones
Walpole, MA
Fairfield University
Interested in Public Interest, Criminal Law, Human Rights, Civil Rights

"Syracuse Law has so much to offer to its students during their legal education and careers. The experiential learning that is fostered and encouraged at SUCOL is critical to success in the legal field and gives students the hands-on experience that employers are looking for. Also, the support from faculty, staff and administration (and even alumni) demonstrates the dedication and commitment to each student’s success. Visiting SUCOL, the atmosphere fostered by the students, faculty, staff and administration was filled with opportunity and success. Syracuse Law was exactly the law school that fit who I am, who I want to be and had the tools the help me move forward as I pursue my career in law." 

Joe Railey

Muncie, IN
Ohio Northern University
Interested in International Law

"When I was applying to law schools, I really had no idea where I wanted to practice. Syracuse’s name recognition and alumni base across the country (I am from the Midwest and had heard of the school and knew SUCOL alumni before I applied) was important to me. I also am greatly interested in international law and the colleges programs in that field are really amazing. Finally, I knew when I was applying that I also was interested in a joint degree; Syracuse’s joint degree options and how flexible the college seemed with joint degrees really interested me."

Lindsey Round
Methuen, MA
Villanova University
Interested in Intellectual Property or Forensics/Criminal Law

"What drew me to Syracuse University College of Law at first was the amazing opportunities that the College has to offer. The joint degrees, the Washington D.C. externship program, the clinics, and the other hands-on opportunities that are available to allow students to get valuable experience in the practice of law are priceless. However, it was not just these unique and valuable opportunities that led me to choose the College of Law. It was the feeling that I had when I stepped foot in Dineen Hall on an Admitted Students’ Day that completely sold me. The faculty, staff, and current students all made me feel welcomed and important. Everyone seemed genuinely interested in me and what I wanted to get out of law school. Now that I am a student here, I can honestly say that those feelings were completely authentic and the sense of community makes this law school exceptional."

Erin Shea
Hilton, NY
The College at Brockport
Interested in Criminal Law

"I chose to attend Syracuse University College of Law (SUCOL) due to the warm and inviting atmosphere I was greeted with when visiting the school. Not only does Syracuse have an excellent joint degree program, numerous firsthand learning experiences, and a wonderful academic program, but the students and faculty make you feel welcome at SUCOL. The idea of law school can be intimidating when you are sifting through school rankings and financial aid paperwork, but SUCOL took the decision process and made it simple for me. Every person that I interacted with through the admissions process helped to ease my concerns and answered all my questions. This school provides a collaborative environment to learning, and has faculty that is invested in you and your experience. When choosing a law school you have to consider what type of environment you will be living in for the next three years, and due to the wonderful faculty and students, Syracuse University College of Law is an environment I would choose every time."

Conor Sullivan
Hagaman, NY
Syracuse University
Interested in National Security and Counter terrorism

"My initial consideration of Syracuse Law was a result of the Institute for National Security and Counter terrorism, as well as the joint degree opportunities offered with the Maxwell School of Citizenship. For a student pursuing a career in national security, the experiences, alumni network, and faculty offered by Syracuse Law and Maxwell are unparalleled by any other university. Beyond academics, the incredible space of Dineen Hall and availability of financial aid truly cemented my decision to attend Syracuse."

Raul Velez Jr.
Northridge, CA
California State University, Northridge
Interested in Criminal Defense, Tax Law, Intellectual Property

"I chose Syracuse Law because of the staff. I had spoken with various staff members from other schools but none of them were as genuinely helpful and friendly as those from Syracuse. Whenever I had a question regarding the application process, my questions were always met with enthusiasm. Not only were the staff members helpful, but they also took the time to make a personal connection. The transition to law school can be made much easier if you feel like you have a strong support system. I knew from the moment that I sent my first email that I would have just that."

  Chantale Moore
Palm Bay, FL
University of South Florida
Interest in Family Law; Wills & Trusts/Estates
"I was born and spent my younger years growing in New York City, but ended up relocating to Florida until I graduated from college. However, I knew that I wanted to return back to the state of New York for my law degree – it was only a matter of where I would end up. Although I did look at several other prospective places, Syracuse University caught my attention because of its highly rated Children’s Rights and Family Law clinics, programs, and classes that were offered. It was after I came to visit the school that I realized Syracuse University was exactly where I wanted to be. The warm and welcoming vibe of the community and the school was completely different than any that I had experienced during my search – the professors are accommodating, yet challenging; the other students are incredibly helpful and supportive; and the resources that are provided to those who seek them are wonderful and can be tailored to each student’s personal needs. Syracuse University not only helps me to pursue my legal career, it has also molded me to be a better advocate, role model, and an overall better person for the future. I can say, without a doubt, that I am happy that I chose to attend this school."


Liz Westburgh
Auburn, NY
Gannon University
Interest in Family Law

"Syracuse was my first choice for law school for a variety of reasons, including the location, the reputation, and the ongoing personal commitment each professor makes to their students. Growing up in Central New York, I already knew the Syracuse name carries a reputation of excellence and community. The extensive network of professors, faculty and alumni are always excited and willing to aid in the success of any SUCOL student. The personal connection I feel to the professors, my fellow students, and even the community affirms I made the right choice for my legal education."