Part-time Program

For a more flexible way to earn your J.D., apply to our part-time program!

  • Syracuse Law requires 87 total credits to earn the J.D. degree.

  • On a part-time basis, students can take a minimum of 6 credits, but not more than 11 credits per semester (min. of 4 during summer terms).  Students have a maximum of 5 years to complete the J.D.

  • The part-time program is not an evening program; Classes for students in the part-time program typically meet Monday through Friday during the day.  The College of Law is unable to accommodate special requests for course scheduling. 

  • Part-time tuition is charged on a per-credit basis. The part-time tuition rate in 2017-2018 is $2,100 per credit, required fees for part-time students in 2017-2018 are $1,102.

  • All prospective part-time students will be considered for merit-based scholarships during the admission application process. To apply for other types of financial aid, part-time students must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Admission applicants will be given access to MySlice, the university’s web portal, to keep track of financial aid application requirements.

  • There is no difference in the evaluation process of reviewing part-time versus full-time applications.

How to Register for Classes as a Part-Time Student:
  • Once you have paid your deposit(s), contact Courtney Abbott Hill, Associate Director - Academic & Bar Support, by July 15th (
  • After finalizing your academic schedule, students must meet with Kristin Pardee, Director of Financial Aid. Contact Kristin via email at

Suggested Part-Time Course Schedule for Core Classes (first two years)
Students Entering Fall 2017 (subject to change)

Fall 2017:

Legal Communication and Research (LCR) I     2 credits
Civil Procedure                                                   4 credits
Torts                                                                   5 credits
TOTAL: 11 credits

Spring 2018:

LCR II                                                                 2 credits
Property                                                             5 credits
Constitutional Law I                                           3 credits
TOTAL: 10 credits

Fall 2018:

Constitutional Law II                                         3 credits
Contracts                                                          5 credits
LCR III                                                              2 credits

TOTAL: 10 credits

Spring 2019

Policy Elective                                                  3 credits
Criminal Law                                                    3 credits
Elective                                                            3 credits
TOTAL: 9 credits

Summer option:

Professional Responsibility                              3 credits
Evidence                                                          4 credits