LL.M. Admitted Student Information

Review the information below and follow the instructions to ensure a smooth and enjoyable transition into your LL.M. year at Syracuse Law. As you work through this list, email us with any questions at llmadmissions@law.syr.edu

STEP 1: Confirm Your LL.M. Acceptance

Start the process by following these steps below. It's easy!

  • Active your NetID: Activate your Syracuse University Net ID. You will use your NetID to access your MySlice and other school accounts. (Save these websites as favorites!)
  • Know Your Dates: Visit the Calendars & Schedules page to view the Academic Calendar and learn important dates during your LL.M. year.

STEP 2: Address Your Conditional Admission

"Conditional Admission" means you have one or more requirements to fulfill before you can enroll. No worries! 

  • Proof of Financial Support (foreign applicants only): In order for Syracuse University to prepare visa documents for you and any dependents, we must receive original versions of your Proof of Financial Support/Financial Guarantee documentation. These documents (i.e. bank statements, proof of funds, sponsorship letters) must show proof of sufficient funds to cover the cost of attendance for at least one academic year's expenses ($72,000).  You may reduce this amount by any scholarship you may have received from the College of Law. For candidates seeking to bring dependents (spouse or children), please be prepared to show proof of an additional $9,500 per dependent. Documents may be sent to: Syracuse University College of Law, Office of International Programs (Suite 217), 950 Irving Avenue, Syracuse, NY, USA, 13224 (Phone: 315-443-4500)
  • English Training (for conditionally-admitted students only): Please contact Jackie Monsour (jhmonsou@uc.syr.edu) at the English Language Institute (ELI).

STEP 3: Prepare for Syracuse Law

These next items are helpful logistical details to ensure a smooth transition to Syracuse!

  • SU E-mail: You may activate your SU E-mail after we have issued your student visa documentation. Activate your SU e-mail at SUmail
  • LL.M. Orientation: LL.M. program orientation is mandatory. Make travel arrangements to arrive in Syracuse, New York, before orientation. Information about LL.M. Orientation will be provided in the months and weeks leading up to the start of your enrollment term. Visit the Slutzker Center for International Services' webpage on "Living in Syracuse" to learn more about finances & banking, telephone services, driving & transportation, and more.
  • Course Registration: You will register for courses during LL.M. Orientation. Please review available course schedules on the College of Law website.
  • Housing Information: The College of Law provides a variety of resources that can assist in securing housing in Syracuse. Please refer to the Housing and Transportation guide in your LL.M. Admission Packet. Here are popular websites for housing. We recommend the Westcott Street neighborhood. 
  • Academic Rules for LL.M. Students: A downloadable version of the College of Law's Academic Handbook is available. 
  • Transportation & Parking: Students living near campus in the Euclid Avenue and Westcott Street neighborhoods usually walk or bike to the College of Law. Syracuse has UBER and LYFT. There is a convenient regional bus system, CENTRO, or students may use a local Zipcar. Students who plan to use a personal vehicle on campus must purchase a parking permit from Syracuse University Parking and Transit Services. LL.M. students should purchase a permit for Stadium Lot, Fine Lot, or Standart Lot. Please note that space is limited.
  • SU Health & Immunization Form: Use your NETID and password to access the SU Patient Portal. This portal will allow you to submit your immunization records/forms, schedule an appointment, and see other information from the SU student health center.
  • Student Health Insurance Requirement: Syracuse University requires all full-time students (domestic and international) to carry some form of ACA-compliant health insurance. This mandatory fee may be waived if a student has adequate private health insurance coverage. If you have questions about the Syracuse University Health Insurance Policy and Plan, please visit the Student Health Insurance website.
  • Tuition Payment Information: Depending on the time of year you are matriculated into the LL.M. program, tuition will be due either before the start of the semester or within the first few weeks of the semester. Your total tuition and mandatory fees will be charged to you twice during the year, with 50% of your tuition and fees charged in anticipation of the first semester and the remaining 50% charged in anticipation of the second semester. Tuition notices will be e-mailed to your University-issued @syr.edu email account. You may view "Student Account" information by using your NetID and password to log into MySlice and clicking the "View Student Account" link under the "Finances" heading  in the "Student Services" box. Additional details and instructions for paying tuition can be found on the University Comptroller's website. Syracuse University has a Monthly Payment Plan that may be available to you. You may contact the Bursar's Office at bursar@syr.edu with specific questions concerning your student account (remember to include your 9-digit SUID number). Please know that a failure to pay tuition may place a financial hold on your account that could prevent you from registering for courses.
  • Disability Accommodations: Contact the College of Law at llmadmissions@law.syr.edu to discuss relevant disability accommodations.
  • Laptop: All students must have a laptop for use while enrolled as a student at the College of Law. 
  • Send Us a Digital Photo: Prior to your arrival for LL.M. Orientation, the College of Law requires a digital photo of you for use in your permanent file and for a College of Law photo directory. The directory will be distributed to College of Law faculty and the entire incoming class. By submitting the digital photo, you agree to have it included in the photo directory and distributed to faculty. Please send your photo in digital format to llmadmissions@law.syr.edu. Photos must be in .jpeg format and no more than 2 MB.
  • Suggested Pre-Semester Reading:
  1. Various Authors (LexisNexis). Understanding Law School (2004)    
  2. Binder, David, Paul Bergman & Susan Price. Lawyers as Counselors (1990)
  3. Cappalli, Richard B. The American Common Law Method (1997)
  4. Fischl, Richard & Jeremy Paul. Getting to Maybe: How to Excel on Law School Exams (1999)
  5. Levit, Nancy & Douglas O. Linder.  The Happy Lawyer: Making a Good Life in the Law (2010)
  6. Farnsworth, Edward. An Introduction to the Legal System of the United States (1983)
  7. Hegland, Kenney. Introduction to the Study and Practice of Law (1983)
  8. Lee, Harper. To Kill a Mockingbird (1960)
  9. Levi, Edward H. An Introduction to Legal Reasoning (1949)
  10. Lewis, Anthony. Gideon’s Trumpet (1966)

STEP 4: Upon Arrival to Syracuse

You're here! Now what? 

  • Original Transcripts: All students are required to submit original transcripts (in English) upon arrival to Syracuse University College of Law. Failure to provide an original transcript may result in the inability to register for courses or removal from the program.
  • Travel & Hotel Information: Daily flights are available from New York City’s airports (JFK or LGA), Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, Detroit, and other cities to Syracuse’s airport (SYR). Check Orbitz.com, Expedia.com, or Jetblue.com for times and fares.Train travel from New York City leaves from New York’s Penn Station (NYP) to Syracuse’s Regional Transportation Center (SYR). Check train schedules and book tickets on Amtrak.com. Buses leave from New York City’s Port Authority Terminal or Boston’s South Station Bus Terminal and arrive to Syracuse’s Regional Transportation Center. Check bus schedules and book tickets on Greyhound.com or Megabus.com. Local hotels near Syracuse University include the Syracuse University Sheraton, Hotel Skyler, Genessee Grande, Parkview Hotel, Crowne Plaza Syracuse, and the Marriott Residence Inn (Downtown). 
  • International Student Check-In: All incoming international students holding a F1 or J1 visa (including conditionally admitted students from ELI) must visit the Slutzker Center for International Services to complete the check-in process upon arrival Syracuse. Bring your passport, I-20 or DS-2019 student visa document, and SUID card (if you have one) with you. The Slutzker Center is located at 310 Walnut Place, Syracuse, New York. Please know that a failure to complete the check-in process may place a hold on your account that could prevent you from registering for courses.
  • SUID Card: All Syracuse University students will be issued a SUID Card. Keep your SUID card on you at all times. This card will allow you access to Dineen Hall and other University facilities. Visit the Office of ID Card Services in Room 206 of Steele Hall to have your SUID card issued to you. Bring your passport with you.
  • Dineen Hall & Maps of the University: Your new Syracuse "home," Dineen Hall is located at 950 Irving Avenue, Syracuse, New York, 13244. Download this map of the University's main campus. Other maps of the University and surrounding areas can be found online.

  • Course Syllabi & Textbooks: After you select courses and complete the registration process during orientation, you should be able to access the syllabus for each course by logging in to Blackboard using your NetID and password. Once you are logged in, go into the “Office of Student Life” community and select the link to "Course Syllabi." Review each course syllabus before you start classes. The course syllabus will also identify the textbook(s) that you will need to purchase for the course. You may purchase textbooks online or at Dineen Hall during orientation.

  • Lockers: Each student will be assigned a locker in Dineen Hall for personal use. You will learn of your locker assignment during LL.M. Orientation. You will need to purchase a combination/key lock to secure your locker.
  • Final Details: During orientation and prior to the start of the academic semester, LL.M. students should work to address any remaining items pertaining to housing, parking, health insurance, etc. (see the complete list above). Feel free to e-mail llmadmissions@law.syr.edu with any questions.