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A new year brings with it buzzing anticipation of what lies ahead. Do you remember the rhythms, milestones, and emotions of a new year at law school?  As I write, Dineen Hall is once again filled with third year students anticipating with joy the 2018 commencement ceremonies, with trepidation the inevitable bar examinations, and with hopeful excitement the launch of new legal careers. At the same time, 1Ls and 2Ls await externship placements, clinic projects, law review elections, and final exams, while across the nation admitted students look forward with nervousness and pride to matriculation. The atmosphere in Dineen Hall is familiar, as in our student days, which were filled with looming deadlines and a mixture of excitement and dread. It’s the alchemy of time that softens the memory and turns those moments into truly “the best days of our lives”! ... MORE

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