Diversity at SU

Syracuse University has made a commitment to create a campus community that is free from discrimination and celebrates the diversity of its various community members. The ability to genuinely appreciate others for their differences and similarities in such areas as gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, and age, just to name a few, allows us to see individuals with unique gifts and flaws, and to realize more often than not, that they have remarkably similar values and aspirations to our own. By building a community that values diversity, students are enriched because they value--and continuously learn--from the contributions made by the entire campus community.

Our law students will be confronted with issues concerning diversity as they become acclimated to the culture of their workplace and in representing their clients and their interests.  The goal of diversity initiatives and programs at the College of Law is to expose the students to the varying differences and similarities within the law school community and to provide students with the necessary skills to be successful within a global marketplace.  We want our students to be able to explore difference as they continue to develop their personal interests and beliefs.