Judicial Clerkship Program

Syracuse University College of Law strongly encourages students and alumni to consider judicial clerkships since these positions offer a close study of litigation, dispute resolution, and civic engagement. Moreover, many law clerks develop meaningful, lifelong relationships with the judges for whom they clerk.

Our Judicial Clerkship Program educates applicants about and prepares them for the work they will be expected to perform as judicial clerks. Students and alumni have been successful in securing clerkships at a number of federal and state courts, including the U.S. Court of Appeals, the U.S. District Court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, the U.S. Court of Appeals of the Armed Forces, and courts of last resort, appellate courts, and trial courts in states throughout the country.

The College of Law judicial clerkship team includes Samantha Kasmarek, Associate Director of the Office of Career Services, and two Faculty Judicial Clerkship Advisors: Associate Professor Lauryn Gouldin and Teaching Professor Aliza Milner. Professor Milner teaches Legal Communication and Research III: Writing for Trial and Appellate Judges, a first of its kind writing course where students study and practice the written work that judges and law clerks produce in chambers, including trial orders and appellate opinions.

With support from the entire faculty (which includes a number of current judges and former state and federal law clerks) and the Career Services Office, the team works closely with current students and alumni who are applying and preparing for clerkships. We meet individually with students who are interested in applying for clerkships to help guide students about where to apply and which materials to prepare for the application process. Students begin this process by registering their interest in clerkships in the Judicial Clerkship Module in Symplicity which contains a wealth of information about clerking and about the process of applying for clerkships.

Throughout the school year, the Judicial Clerkship Program hosts meetings and events to inform students about judicial clerkships in the federal and state courts. The meetings are designed to introduce students to clerkships, explain the application processes, and prepare students who have already been hired to clerk. Along with these meetings, the College of Law regularly hosts federal and state judges for special events, including the Institute for the Judiciary, Politics and the Media speaker series, the 1L Convocation Lecture Series, Moot Court competitions, receptions, and classroom visits where our students interact directly with the judges. Many students who are interested in post-graduate clerkships spend a semester (or more) in chambers as judicial externs in our Central New York, Washington, D.C. and New York City Externship programs.