With a student body from well over 100 colleges and universities, 25 plus states and several countries, it is no wonder that each year Syracuse Law graduates take the bar exam in 20+ jurisdictions and find work in over 40 different markets. With this wide geographic reach, Syracuse Law participates in a nationwide reciprocity network which allows students and alumni to use the career resources at a law school in another market for job searching. While reciprocity is certainly not the only way to find a job in another city, the resources at another school may help you organize your search more efficiently and save you some steps in gathering information about prospective employers in that area.

Policies and services vary from school to school.  It is important to carefully review the policies of schools you are interested in gaining reciprocity from prior to submitting the online request form.  Many schools will post their reciprocity policy directly on their career development website.  In addition, students may refer to NALP for an alphabetical list of policies for all participating schools.  This can be found on the NALP website.

Once you have identified your target school and submitted the necessary form, the Career Services Office at Syracuse Law will send a letter of request. You will receive a copy of this letter and of the other school's response either granting or denying reciprocity.  

Note to Students from Other Law Schools: 

If you are interested in visiting Syracuse University College of Law's Office of Career Services, you must contact your own school's career services office to request reciprocity. We cannot grant requests directly from students.