Reciprocity Request Form

If you have not yet determined your eligibility, here's what you need to know before requesting reciprocity:

  • Reciprocity is not guaranteed. Some schools do not offer reciprocity at all. Schools in large metropolitan areas such as New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Washington, DC have very restrictive policies due to the large number of requests they receive.
  • Typically you will only be granted reciprocity from one school in a geographic area per year.
  • Schools require advance written notice. Plan to submit a request form to Career Services at least three weeks prior to your anticipated visit. During this time we will send your request to the other school that will in turn grant or deny the request.
  • Note that most schools are "closed" to reciprocity requests from July 15 through November 15 so it is important to plan ahead.
  • Many schools limit the number of reciprocity requests they will grant.  Many schools have a one-to-one policy under which Syracuse Law must grant reciprocity to one of their students before they will grant reciprocity to another Syracuse student. If you encounter this, please contact Career Services.
  • Reciprocity services vary from school to school. Typically, with reciprocity you may have access to job listings, hard copy resources and possibly counseling services. Do not expect to use the school's computer(s) or to participate in on-campus interview programs or career fairs.
  • Reciprocity is just one resource in your job search plan.

Reciprocity Request

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