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College of Law News

Professor Roy Gutterman L'00 in WaPo: Safeguarding Free Speech

Wednesday 8/5/2020

There is something ironic, if not Kafkaesque or Orwellian, about an executive order, imbued with language extolling free speech, that proposes an opposite effect by also calling on the federal government to monitor and regulate Internet and social media platforms ...

Roy Gutterman

"By and By:" Professor Paula Johnson Remembers Rep. John Lewis

Thursday 7/30/2020

I woke up today humming the spiritual “We Shall Understand It By and By,” as I thought about the final funeral service uplifting the life of Rep. John R. Lewis ...

Paula Johnson

Professor Corri Zoli: US Intelligence Warns of Foreign Election Interference

Thursday 7/30/2020

“Director Evanina’s message is also designed to educate Americans and all private and government entities to adopt an aware and ‘hardened’ posture about foreign influence campaigns in social and traditional media designed to shape US voters’ perspectives and preferences by manipulating fears—about COVID-19 and the pandemic response, recent protests and riots across the nation, political division, etc.”

Corri Zoli

On ADA Anniversary, Professor Kanter Critiques Biel Decision in The Hill, Jurist

Monday 7/27/2020

“The Supreme Court just slammed the door shut on people with disabilities, including those who wish to follow their faith and teach in religious schools.”

Arlene Kanter

Professor David Driesen: This Election is About the Survival of American Democracy

Thursday 7/23/2020

The media often treat the upcoming election as a normal political battle about policy. I teach constitutional law and do not think of this presidential or congressional election in such narrow terms. And my colleagues on both the left and the right who teach constitutional law do not see it that way, either ...

David Driesen

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