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College of Law News

Professor Doron Dorfman: Penalizing Preventative Mental Health Treatment for Law Students

Friday 11/19/2021

One of the examples of this phenomenon is the Character and Fitness evaluations state bar associations conduct around the country, used to admit prospective lawyers into the bar …

Doron Dorfman

Professor Mark Nevitt: Key Takeaways From the Glasgow Climate Pact

Wednesday 11/17/2021

Nearly 200 nations signed the Glasgow Climate Pact on Nov. 13. Acknowledging the increasingly strong connection between climate change and its role as a threat accelerant, the pact explicitly states that climate change is a “social, economic and environmental threat” ...

Mark P. Nevitt

Professor Mark Nevitt Discusses Climate Change and National Security on Lawfare Live

Monday 11/1/2021

Natalie Orpett sat down on Lawfare Live with Mark Nevitt, associate professor of law at Syracuse University College of Law, and Erin Sikorsky, director of the Center for Climate and Security and director of the International Military Council on Climate and Security ...

Mark P. Nevitt

Professor Mark Nevitt: What You Need to Know About the New Climate Security Reports

Wednesday 10/27/2021

“These four reports build off the Pentagon’s recent Climate Adaptation Plan and the Department of Homeland Security’s Climate Action Plan, issued in September and October, respectively. Read in conjunction with the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Sixth Assessment Report, the four reports present a full, albeit bleak, picture of a climate-transformed world ...”

Mark P. Nevitt

Professor David Driesen Joins Climate Discourse Podcast to Discuss Democracy, Climate Challenges

Thursday 10/7/2021

In this episode of Climate Discourse, Kate speaks to David Driesen about his personal path from music to law, Donald Trump inspiring his new book on judicial enabling of presidential power, the intersection of economics and law and the contemporary challenges of climate policy ...

David Driesen

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