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College of Law News

Professor Nina Kohn to ProPublica: Nursing Homes Have Duty to Facilitate Residents’ Voting Rights

Thursday 8/27/2020

Under federal law, nursing homes have a duty to facilitate residents’ rights, including voting, said Nina Kohn. But even before the pandemic, compliance was spotty ...

Nina Kohn

Professor Nina Kohn: COVID-19 May Threaten the Voting Rights of Nursing Home Residents

Thursday 8/20/2020

It is “a really open question to what extent people in long-term care institutions are going to be able to participate in our election in November.”

Nina Kohn

"Just When You Think It Can't Get Worse": Professor Nina Kohn Speaks to Chicago Reader

Thursday 8/13/2020

“Just when you think it can’t get worse, you see that what Illinois did was simultaneously suspend substantial portions of both the public system for protecting residents and the private system for protecting residents.”

Nina Kohn

Professor Peter Blanck Joins Webinar on "The Future of Accessibility and Law"

Thursday 8/13/2020

Among the highlights of this one-hour discussion was a look at some of the challenges facing law students with disabilities. Blanck, who has done tremendous work in this area throughout his career, shared the results of a 2020 study showing that in addition to the implicit (and explicit) bias experienced by lawyers across their careers, many also experience high levels of stress and mental health issues ...

Peter Blanck

Professor Nina Kohn Testifies at NYS COVID-19 Joint Public Hearing

Tuesday 8/11/2020

Elder law expert Professor Nina Kohn testified at a Joint Public Hearing on Residential Health Care Facilities and COVID-19 in Upstate New York. Presided over by members of both the New York State senate and assembly, the hearing took place online on Oct. 10, 2020.

Nina Kohn

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