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College of Law News

Professor William C. Banks Helps Fact Check Martial Law Rumors

Thursday 3/26/2020

​... It has rarely been used in the U.S., said William Banks, professor of law at Syracuse University. The last time was in Hawaii, when martial law was instituted following the attack on Pearl Harbor …

William C. Banks

LA Times Quotes Hon. James E. Baker on COVID-19 & the DPA

Wednesday 3/25/2020

Jamie E. Baker, former legal adviser to the National Security Council and a professor at Syracuse University, said: “If there is a gap between voluntary production and what is needed, or anticipated to be needed, the DPA is the mechanism to close that gap” ...

James E. Baker

Professor Nina Kohn: Move Class Online ... But Do It Right

Monday 3/23/2020

High quality education can be delivered online. There is ample research on online education, including in higher education, that shows that it can be an effective modality for teaching both concepts and skills ...

Nina Kohn

Professor Kevin Maillard in The New York Times: Parenting by FaceTime in Coronavirus Quarantine

Friday 3/20/2020

The saccharine melodies of Kidz Bop play on repeat, alternating with the “Frozen II” soundtrack. My two children, who are 7 and 4, run around our Manhattan apartment, showing the typical strains of stir-craziness from endless hours at home: “He hit me!” “That’s mine!” “Why do I have to take a bath?” ...

Kevin Noble Maillard

Hon. James E. Baker: Use the Defense Production Act to Flatten the Curve

Friday 3/20/2020

Why doesn’t the federal government act? It has the legal authority to do so: The Defense Production Act (DPA). On March 18, President Trump signed an Executive Order invoking the DPA to delegate authority found in Section 101 to the Secretary of Health and Human Services. However, various public statements by the president and vice president cast doubt on whether the DPA will be operationalized at this time or held in abeyance until some unspecified future date after the crisis has worsened. It is time to clear up the confusion, stop talking about the DPA, and start putting it in action ...

Hon. James E. Baker

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