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College of Law News

Professor Nina Kohn in The Hill: Older Adults Are Feeling the Heat, Literally

Monday 8/31/2020

Changing temperatures, like other forms of climate change, may seem universal — but their impacts are far from it. One group particularly susceptible to its effects are older adults ...

Nina Kohn

Professor Dorfman: How an Unexpected Collaboration Led Utah to Amend its Discriminatory Triage Plan

Monday 8/31/2020

The disability community has a history of contention with the government over enforcing federal antidiscrimination mandates. Clashes have often erupted between the parties ...

Doron Dorfman

Professor Nina Kohn Discusses Nursing Homes, Voting, and COVID-19 on KCBS Radio

Friday 8/28/2020

With the election around the corner and the COVID-19 pandemic making it even more difficult for the elderly and immuno-compromised to get around, hundreds of thousands of nursing home residents may not be able to vote.

Nina Kohn

Professor Nina Kohn to ProPublica: Nursing Homes Have Duty to Facilitate Residents’ Voting Rights

Thursday 8/27/2020

Under federal law, nursing homes have a duty to facilitate residents’ rights, including voting, said Nina Kohn. But even before the pandemic, compliance was spotty ...

Nina Kohn

Professor Nina Kohn: COVID-19 May Threaten the Voting Rights of Nursing Home Residents

Thursday 8/20/2020

It is “a really open question to what extent people in long-term care institutions are going to be able to participate in our election in November.”

Nina Kohn

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