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College of Law News

Professor Nina Kohn on WHEC: Nursing Home Residents Are Being Disenfranchised

Monday 11/2/2020

“A resident of a nursing home needs substantial assistance typically to be able to vote and when that assistance isn’t forthcoming, as a practical matter, they won’t be able to vote” ...

Nina Kohn

Professor Peter Blanck: Absentee Ballots Should Be Accessible, Especially During COVID-19

Friday 10/30/2020

“Title II of the ADA requires state and local governments to provide meaningful and equal access to all the services that they provide,” Blanck said. “A reasonable accommodation would not have to be approved through the Legislature because that’s required under (federal) law” ...

Peter Blanck

USA Today Interviews Professor Nina Kohn About Voters with Disabilities

Thursday 10/29/2020

“With COVID, many individuals don’t have access to family members and friends who would provide that assistance. In congregate care settings, how to they obtain a mail-in ballot? In many states, they have to request a ballot. How do they obtain that request? Not all have access to the internet. Or they may have muscular problems that make it hard to maneuver around a computer.”

Nina Kohn

Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Ushered in the Drone Age?

Tuesday 10/27/2020

Third year law student Viviana Bro explores the progress of drone acceptance in the COVID-19 environment including FAA recognition and authorization for drone delivery services ...

Viviana Bro

Institute for Security Policy and Law Experts Featured in JNSLP COVID-19 Special Issue

Thursday 10/22/2020

As the novel coronavirus swept the globe in late 2019 and early 2020, a full-blown pandemic quickly and significantly affected the United States. The public health crisis worsened in the winter and spring of 2020, and it soon became clear that national security institutions and processes were being tested, sometimes in new and unique ways ...


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