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Tenured and Tenure Track

Aviva Abramovsky Associate Dean for International Initiatives
Professor of Law
Executive Director of the LL.M. Program for Foreign Law Graduates
Co-Director, Law In London Program
Kauffman Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
(315) 443-1786
Rakesh K. Anand Professor of Law (315) 443-2323
Hannah R. Arterian Dean and Professor of Law (315) 443-9580
Robert Ashford Professor of Law (315) 443-1111
William C. Banks Board of Advisors Distinguished Professor
Professor of Law
Professor of Public Administration and International Affairs, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs
Director, Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism
(315) 443-3678
Peter A. Bell Professor of Law (315) 443-3652
Todd A. Berger Assistant Professor of Law
Director, Criminal Defense Clinic
Peter Blanck University Professor
Chairman of the Burton Blatt Institute
(315) 443-9703
Jeremy A. Blumenthal Professor of Law (315) 443-2083
Keith J. Bybee Paul E. and Hon. Joanne F. Alper ’72 Judiciary Studies Professor
Professor of Law
Professor of Political Science
Director, Institute for the Study of the Judiciary, Politics, and the Media(IJPM)
Senior Research Associate, Campbell Public Affairs Institute
(315) 443-9743
Sanjay K. Chhablani Professor of Law (315) 443-2531
Tucker B. Culbertson Assistant Professor of Law (315) 443-2401
Christian C. Day Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Professor of Law
Co-Director, Law in London Program
Associate Director, Center on Property, Citizenship and Social Entrepreneurism
(315) 443-3650
Lisa A. Dolak Angela S. Cooney Professor of Law
Associate Director, Center on Property, Citizenship, and Social Entrepreneurism
Associate Director, Institute for the Study of the Judiciary, Politics and the Media
(315) 443-9581
David M. Driesen University Professor (315) 443-4218
Richard A. Ellison Professor of Law (315) 443-3654
Thomas R. French Associate Dean, H. Douglas Barclay Law Library
Professor of Law
(315) 443-1221
Ian Gallacher Professor of Law
Director, Legal Communication and Research
(315) 443-4105
Gregory Germain Professor of Law (315) 443-3757
Lauryn P. Gouldin Assistant Professor of Law  
Margaret M. Harding Associate Dean for Faculty
Professor of Law
(315) 443-3677
Tara Helfman Assistant Professor of Law (315) 443-1934
Paula C. Johnson Professor of Law (315) 443-3364
Arlene S. Kanter Bond, Schoeneck & King Distinguished Professor
Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor for Teaching Excellence
Professor of Law
Director, College of Law Disability Law and Policy Program
Co-Director, SU Center on Human Policy, Law and Disability Studies
(315) 443-9551
Gary T. Kelder Professor of Law (315) 443-1179
Deborah S. Kenn Associate Dean of Clinical and Experiential Education
Professor of Law
Director, Office of Clinical Legal Education
Co-Director, Community Development Law Clinic
(315) 443-9550
Andrew Kim Assistant Professor of Law  
Nina A. Kohn Professor of Law (315) 443 6565
Laura G. Lape Associate Professor of Law (315) 443-7195
Kevin Noble Maillard Professor of Law (315) 443- 4609
Robin Paul Malloy E.I. White Chair,
and Distinguished Professor of Law
Kauffman Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Director, Center on Property, Citizenship and Social Entrepreneurism
Professor of Economics, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs (by courtesy appointment)
(315) 443-3559
Janis L. McDonald Professor of Law (315) 443-1397
Mary Helen McNeal Professor of Law
Director, Elder Law Clinic
(315) 443-3036
Robert J. Rabin Professor of Law (315) 443-3681
LaVonda N. Reed Professor of Law (315) 443-9578
Michael A. Schwartz Associate Professor of Law
Director, Disability Rights Clinic
(315) 443-1976
C. Cora True-Frost Assistant Professor of Law (315) 443-6351
Terry L. Turnipseed Professor of Law
Director, Syracuse Law Semester in D.C. Program
Professor of Engineering and Computer Science, LC Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science (by courtesy appointment)
(315) 443-6562
A. Joseph Warburton Associate Professor of Law and Finance (315) 443-2535
Steven Wechsler Professor of Law (315) 443-3653