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College of Law News

SULAA Statement Condemning Asian Hate

Monday 4/12/2021

On behalf of the Syracuse University Law Alumni Association (SULAA), we call on every member of our College of Law family to stand in solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community in condemning the torrent of anti-Asian racism, hatred, and acts of violence around the country ...

College of Law

WAER Interviews Professor Mary Szto About Experiences with Anti-Asian Hate

Monday 4/5/2021

“We wanted to promote the model assimilative minority myth, which as we know was fulfilling several goals, right,” said Szto. “To unfortunately drive a wedge among minorities and then to basically, again put Asians in a box, by labelling them as a model of assimilation.”

Mary Szto

CCJI Helps Launch Wharlest and Exerlena Jackson Legacy Project

Thursday 4/1/2021

To honor the sacrifice and memory of two civil rights activists from Natchez, MS, Syracuse University College of Law’s Cold Case Justice Initiative (CCJI) helped launch the Wharlest and Exerlena Jackson Legacy Project with a two-day virtual symposium for public junior and senior high school students in both Natchez and Syracuse on March 26-27, 2021.

Wharlest and Exerlena Jackson Legacy Project

Mazaher Kaila: A Powerful Voice for Justice

Thursday 3/11/2021

Well before she knew exactly what a lawyer was, Mazaher Kaila ’19, L’22 knew she wanted to be one. “I might have first gotten the idea from my sister,” she confesses. “But I knew, even when I was in fourth or fifth grade, that lawyers had a voice and the power to make change. That appealed to me” ...

Mazaher Kaila

Joseph Jasper: Pursuing the Dream of a Law Degree Online

Tuesday 3/9/2021

1L Joseph Jasper joined the U.S. Army in 2008, right after graduating from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He later earned a master’s degree in technology management. But the dream he held closest always seemed to be just out of reach: he wanted to become a lawyer ...

Joseph Jasper

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