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College of Law News

Professor Doron Dorfman Addresses "Suspicious Species" in University of Illinois Review

Wednesday 9/1/2021

Taking an empirical law and psychology approach, Professor Doron Dorfman’s article concerns itself with the possible sources of the phenomenon of misrepresentation, which I term “assistance-animal disability con” ...

Doron Dorfman

"Covid Changed All That:" Professor Arlene Kanter Quoted by The New York Times

Monday 8/23/2021

“The argument in the past, pre-Covid, was, ‘Of course, an online course is fundamentally different than a course in the classroom,’” said Arlene Kanter, an expert in disability law at the Syracuse University College of Law. “Well, Covid changed all that.”

Arlene Kanter

Professor Doron Dorfman: Students with Disabilities Could Sue Their Schools to Require Masks

Thursday 8/19/2021

Could disability rights law offer a way to cut through the controversy—establishing a legal right for some students (and teachers) to receive the “accommodation” of being protected by masks in schools? We believe the answer is yes ...

Doron Dorfman

Can Colleges Deny Remote Teaching? Professor Arlene Kanter Speaks to Inside Higher Ed

Tuesday 8/17/2021

“For the past year and a half people have been teaching remotely,” she said. “If they could do it then, why would it be an undue hardship now?”

Arlene Kanter

Online JDi Degree Gives Military Spouse Ability to Follow Her Passion

Thursday 7/29/2021

“In my experience as a military spouse, living overseas in two different locations during this program, I would absolutely recommend and have recommended it to several soldiers that have come across my desk,” Love says. “The staff has always been so welcoming, with open arms.”

Tiffany Love

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