Federal Student Loan Repayment Calculator

The StudentLoans.gov website maintains helpful loan repayment calculators which allow borrowers to estimate their monthly loan payments. The calculators take into account amount borrowed, loan type, interest rate, and number of years to repay the loan.  The Federal Student Aid website also has a Repayment Estimator calculator.

The Standard 10-Year Repayment Plan will automatically be assigned to you, but other options may be available.  Under a Standard Repayment Plan, you'll pay a fixed amount each month.  If you can manage the monthly payments, your loans will be repaid in the shortest time and you'll likely pay the least amount of interest.

Extended Repayment allows borrowers to spread repayment over a 25 year repayment period.  Borrowers must have more than $30,000 in Direct Loan debt to qualify.

Contact your Loan Servicer to choose a federal student loan repayment plan that is most suitable for you.  The Federal Student Aid website has information on the variety of repayment plans available.  Look further on our website for a description of the Income-Driven Repayment Plans.

Review our Federal Direct Loan Repayment Sample as an example of estimated monthly amounts due.