Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study awards provide compensation for part-time employment to eligible first-year and continuing J.D. students.  Employment opportunities range from College of Law Faculty Student Assistants, Law library aides, administrative assistants throughout the university, and with off-campus employers such as Student Legal Services.  The Syracuse University Human Resources website maintains a list of Work Study Student Employment Opportunities.

Federal Work Study (FWS) is awarded as part of a student's academic year financial aid eligibility.  The FWS awards offered are estimates of what can be earned during the fall and spring semesters.  FWS awards are not credited to student bursar accounts; they are funds that must be earned in an authorized FWS job.  The amount earned is dependent on the number of hours worked and the hourly pay rate.  A student may earn the FWS award at any pace; if the full amount awarded by the Financial Aid Office is earned before the end of the academic year, employers may ask the FWS employee to reduce their hours or stop working entirely.  Work study awards are not available in the summer.