Funding the LL. M. Program

LL.M. students may be eligible for grants and scholarships from Syracuse Law, fellowships from the Open Society Foundation or the Fulbright Fellowship Program, or loans from private or federal resources (depending on citizenship or permanent residency status in the U.S.). These resources, coupled with the low cost of living in Syracuse (Syracuse was recently named the best place to live in New York State by U.S. News and World Report) make the affordability of the LL.M. degree program a reality.

Here is an overview of funding opportunities for the LL.M. program:

•    MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS: All applicants to the LL.M. program are considered for merit scholarships and nearly all students receive a scholarship toward their tuition costs. There is no additional application or documentation needed to be considered for a scholarship. The LL.M. Admissions Committee considers academic performance, professional experience, and other factors. These awards range from 10-50% of LL.M. program tuition.   
•    INSTITUTIONAL PARTNERSHIPS: We are a host institution to scholarship/fellowship organizations such as the Open Society Foundation, the Organization of American States, the Fulbright Foreign Student Program, and to numerous governments such as Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Kuwait, Turkey, and Bahrain. We will gladly work with all LL.M. candidates to explore sources of funding through these partnerships.
•    OUTSIDE SCHOLARSHIPS: Visit the LL.M. program website and drop-down menu titled "Cost of Attendance | Merit Scholarships" to view a list of outside scholarships. Other outside scholarships are listed on the Financial Aid page of our website.
•    PRIVATE LOANS:  Some private companies may make student loans to international students. Many of these companies require a U.S. citizen as a co-signer on the loan application, but a few, such as MPOWER Financing, do not.    
•    FEDERAL STUDENT LOANS: LL.M. Candidates who are either a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident of the U.S. are eligible to file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), in order to determine eligibility for Federal Direct Student Loans. Our Office of Financial Aid ( will be able to provide you with additional guidance.

We are happy to assist prospective LL.M. students individually to help research funding opportunities. Please contact our office of financial aid with questions at any time at