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College of Law News

Professor Mark Nevitt: Should the COVID-19 Vaccine Be Required for the Military?

Monday 4/12/2021

By some estimates, approximately one-third of U.S. military service members have opted out of the COVID-19 vaccine. Some think that number could be higher, for example, according to a new report, nearly 40 percent of U.S. Marines are declining vaccinations ...

Mark P. Nevitt

Professor Nina Kohn Discusses NY Nursing Home Accountability with AP

Monday 4/12/2021

“What immunity provision did is give a green light to facilities to engage in practices and staffing patterns known to create unreasonable risk to residents,” Syracuse University School of Law professor Nina Kohn said ...

Nina Kohn

Professor Shubha Ghosh Analyzes SCOTUS' Java/Google API Decision

Thursday 4/8/2021

“The ruling is narrow,” Ghosh told TheServerSide. “Some were hoping the Court would create a categorical rule that APIs are not copyrightable. Instead, the Court ruled narrowly that Google’s use of the declaration code was not infringement.”

Shubha Ghosh

Professor Roy Gutterman L'00 Addresses Sedition Laws with The Guardian

Wednesday 4/7/2021

Sedition laws in the early 20th century, including the Sedition Act of 1918, was “not only focused on World War I”, but “really focused on shutting down socialists and communists, who the government thought were going to be a threat to democracy”, said Roy Gutterman ...

Roy Gutterman

WAER Interviews Professor Mary Szto About Experiences with Anti-Asian Hate

Monday 4/5/2021

“We wanted to promote the model assimilative minority myth, which as we know was fulfilling several goals, right,” said Szto. “To unfortunately drive a wedge among minorities and then to basically, again put Asians in a box, by labelling them as a model of assimilation.”

Mary Szto

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