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College of Law News

Hon. James E. Baker in The New York Times: Why Is Trump So Timid With the Defense Production Act?

Friday 4/3/2020

Every Marine knows better than to pull a knife in a gunfight. But so far, that appears to be the federal government’s approach to battling Covid-19. The president has “invoked” the Defense Production Act, but the government has not used the full authority of the act. There is a difference between invoking a law and using it, just as there is a difference between talk and action ...

Hon. James E. Baker

Serving Veterans During COVID-19: VLC's Beth Kubala Appears on the Dave Allen Podcast

Monday 3/30/2020

During an appearance on WSYR’s Dave Allen Show (March 30, 2020), Beth Kubala, Director of the Betty and Michael D. Wohl Veterans Legal Clinic (VLC), discusses the clinic’s work, her military career, and how she, the clinic, and its students continue to serve Central New York’s veterans during the coronavirus public health crisis.

Beth Kubala

Professor David Driesen: Why NY Law Requires Absentee Ballots in Response to COVID-19

Monday 3/30/2020

Postponing elections because of COVID-19 is dangerous. We don’t know when the crisis will abate ...

David Driesen

Professor Cora True-Frost: Parenting in the Shadow of Scarce Ventilators

Monday 3/30/2020

As a mom, I have the same concerns as all parents during this pandemic: identifying and accepting my children’s feelings, limiting their screen time, discussing appropriate tone in texts, and managing their studies ...

Cora True-Frost

Professor William C. Banks in Ms.: Voting in a Time of Pandemic

Sunday 3/29/2020

... Such a move would be blatantly illegal: It would place the government of the United States in the hands of one man, abridge the cherished right of those in the U.S. to choose their leaders, and threaten democracy itself ...

William C. Banks

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