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College of Law News

Professor Mark Nevitt: The President, the Military, and Minneapolis—What You Need to Know

Saturday 5/30/2020

In the aftermath of the tragic killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer, riots and unrest have been spreading throughout the city of Minneapolis and the country. The Minnesota National Guard has been activated by Minnesota Governor Timothy Walz ...

Mark P. Nevitt

Professor Roy Gutterman: Trump, Twitter, & the Distraction of Censorship

Friday 5/29/2020

The day after the country broke the mark of 100,000 dead of Covid-19, unemployment reached 40 million and a major midwestern city burned after riots following another racial police brutality death, President Donald Trump signed an executive order attacking social media ...

Roy Gutterman

The Guardian Quotes Professor Nina Kohn's Research on Nursing Home Immunity

Wednesday 5/27/2020

New York is now one of just two states to shield those corporate officials from both civil lawsuits and some forms of criminal prosecution by the government, according to an analysis by Syracuse University law professor Nina Kohn and the University of Houston’s Jessica L Roberts ...

Nina Kohn

Professor Nina Kohn in The Hill: Nursing Homes Need Increased Staffing, Not Legal Immunity

Tuesday 5/26/2020

With nursing homes accounting for the majority of COVID-19 deaths in many states, the long-term care industry has joined with other health care providers to successfully lobby for protection from lawsuits. The result: Nineteen states have granted nursing homes new immunity from civil liability either by executive order or statute ...

Nina Kohn

Syracuse.com Quotes Professor Doron Dorfman: Store Mask Policies Must Not Discriminate

Friday 5/22/2020

Under the ADA, he said, store managers must be cautious in questioning anyone who says they have a disability. The manager, for example, can’t ask what the disability is ...

Doron Dorfman

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