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College of Law News

No Conviction? Professor William C. Banks Comments on Trump's Second Impeachment

Thursday 1/14/2021

“I predict no conviction in an eventual Senate trial, and with luck the Senate will relegate the trial to off hours so they can begin working on the Biden agenda,” Banks said. “It should have little impact on the Biden administration” ...

William C. Banks

Professor Roy Gutterman L'00 Provides CNN With a First Amendment Explainer

Wednesday 1/13/2021

Scenario: You are banned from a social media platform. This is not a First Amendment issue, though plenty of people think it is ...

Roy Gutterman

Professor William C. Banks Helps Explain Insurrection Act for USA Today

Tuesday 1/12/2021

... there was no need for Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act on Jan. 6. given the federal government’s control of the district’s National Guard and federal law enforcement ...

William C. Banks

NBC News Asks Professor William C. Banks About National Guard and Protests

Monday 1/11/2021

But the use of National Guard units in June was “fundamentally exceptional and different from the way civilians and the military have ordinarily worked together” ...

William C. Banks

Professor Mark Nevitt Asks Four Questions About Capitol Hill Riot

Monday 1/11/2021

How can the U.S. Capitol, surrounded by one of the largest concentrations of law enforcement and national security personnel in the world, be so quickly overrun by Trump insurrectionists hell-bent on “stopping the steal,” halting our cherished democratic processes, and potentially harming lawmakers?

Mark P. Nevitt

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