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William C. Banks Explains What the US Military Can & Can’t Do on the US-Mexican Border

Thursday 4/5/2018

The Posse Comitatus Act prevents the federal government from using federal troops to conduct local law enforcement on U.S. soil. Banks called it the backbone of colonists’ grievances when the United States declared independence from England. “The phrase is known by every Private 1st Class in the U.S. military,” Banks said ...

William C. Banks

Paula Johnson Co-Writes Brown vs. Board OpEd

Tuesday 4/3/2018

In 2004, we had the privilege of welcoming Linda Brown Thompson to Syracuse University as the SU and Syracuse communities commemorated the 50th anniversary of the landmark case Brown v. Board of Education. Now, sadly, we write to commemorate Brown Thompson and mourn her passing last week ...

Paula Johnson

David M. Crane Discusses International Law Career at Robert H. Jackson Center

Tuesday 4/3/2018

Inside the Robert H. Jackson Center on Monday sat David Crane, the first American chief prosecutor in an international war crimes tribunal since Robert H. Jackson, himself, during the Nuremberg Trial ...

David M. Crane

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