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College of Law News

Professor Corri Zoli Discusses Arrest of Chinese Researcher with SCMP

Thursday 6/25/2020

“It’s not just China doing this. It’s everybody. This is the way that we’re evolving into a new battlespace, but China happens to be very effective at it.”

Corri Zoli

Professor Doron Dorfman's Research Cited by Poynter Institute

Monday 6/22/2020

“There may be legitimate disabilities that would prevent someone from wearing a mask: someone with autism who has sensory issues, for example, or someone with a respiratory problem for which a mask would make breathing difficult.”

Doron Dorfman

Professor Doron Dorfman's Research on the "Fear of the Disability Con" Cited in WaPo

Wednesday 6/17/2020

​... This adds fuel to the “fear of the disability con” as described by scholars like Doron Dorfman, or the idea that a majority of people who use services and supports tied to a disability, in fact, are not disabled ...

Doron Dorfman

Professor Nina Kohn Reviews Illinois' Nursing Home Immunity for the Chicago Reader

Monday 6/15/2020

Law school professors Nina Kohn and Jessica Roberts have published criticisms of similar orders in other states. They say the Illinois order’s breadth is unusual, unnecessary, and likely harmful ...

Nina Kohn

Professor Nina Kohn Comments on Nursing Home Protections in New York State

Friday 6/12/2020

Professor Nina Kohn of Syracuse University, who specializes in elder law, said the New York State legislature really protected nursing home owners and board members with its vote for the provision ...

Nina Kohn

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