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College of Law News

Can the President Be Banned from Twitter? WHBC Interviews Professor Roy Gutterman

Tuesday 11/12/2019

Jack Dorsey announced he will ban political ads on his Twitter platform because he says “A political message earns reach when people decide to follow an account or retweet. Paying for reach removes that decision ...

Roy Gutterman

Impeachment & Public Opinion: Professor William C. Banks Speaks to China Daily

Wednesday 11/6/2019

“If the public impeachment process builds the Ukraine abuse of office case clearly, so that average Americans can see what the president did, it should lead to impeachment and a trial in the Senate” ...

William C. Banks

Commentary: The Burden of a Militarized US Foreign Policy

Friday 11/1/2019

What role should American troops play — some would say, standing in the crossfire — between distant governments and groups engaged in protracted armed conflicts, whose grievances long predate 9/11?

Corri Zoli

Professor William C. Banks Helps CNN Fact Check "Unconstitutional" Impeachment Claims

Friday 11/1/2019

“There is nothing in the Constitution or any law, nor any rules of the House, that prescribes a particular procedure for impeachment proceedings,” Banks added ...

William C. Banks

Professor Kohn Provides Guidance to Elder Law Case in AARP Magazine

Tuesday 10/29/2019

Professor Nina Kohn provides perspective to an elder abuse legal quiz in AARP Magazine (take the first quiz and click to see the verdict for Professor Kohn’s comments.)

Professor Nina Kohn

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