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College of Law News

Civility Expert Keith Bybee Speaks to NPR

Monday 3/11/2019

These days, the word civility can seem almost quaint. Do Americans even agree that it’s something to strive for? We explore what civility — and incivility — mean in polarizing times ...

Keith Bybee

William C. Snyder Discusses Police Brawl Case with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Tuesday 3/5/2019

“The part that is most likely to be unlawful is the repeated punching of one civilian on the bar who cannot resist. It is hard to see how that is not criminal,” said William Snyder, a Syracuse University law professor and former assistant to the U.S. attorney general who spent 13 years as a federal prosecutor in Pittsburgh ...

William C. Snyder

Nina Kohn Cited in Pacific Standard's Presidential Age Cap Article

Tuesday 2/26/2019

... “Chronological age is seen as an expedient and acceptable proxy for a variety of underlying human characteristics that policymakers wish to target for public policy interventions, and age-based criteria continue to be entrenched in U.S. public policy,” writes Kohn in an analysis of age-based discrimination ...

Nina A. Kohn

Foreign Policy Discusses Southern Border Troop Deployment with William C. Banks

Tuesday 2/26/2019

... But William Banks, an emeritus professor at Syracuse University’s College of Law and Maxwell School, believes there is no “clear, positive legal authority” for active-duty US troops to be at the US-Mexico border. The surveillance and detection role could pose a particular problem, he added ...

William C. Banks

Knowledge@Wharton: David Driesen on the "Green New Deal"

Friday 2/22/2019

... But many climate-change policies elsewhere in the world are ambitious and have multiple goals, according to David M. Driesen, professor at Syracuse University’s College of Law, who focuses on environmental law, law and economics, and constitutional law ...

David Driesen

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