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College of Law News

Professor William C. Banks: Trump's Assertion "May Be Unlawful"

Friday 6/14/2019

An expert in constitutional law tells the Associated Press that President Donald Trump’s assertion that he would be open to accepting a foreign power’s help in his 2020 campaign is not appropriate and “it may be unlawful.”

William C. Banks

Commentary: Jean-Pierre Bemba’s Request for Compensation for Damages from the International Criminal Court

Tuesday 6/11/2019

Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo (Bemba) is the leader of the Movement for the Liberation of Congo (MLC) and was the commander-in-chief of its military forces during the Central African Bush War from 2003-2004, during which the MLC was accused of committing war crimes, as well as, crimes against humanity ...

David Crane

Diverse: Issues In Higher Education Highlights 3+3 Agreement with HBCU

Monday 6/3/2019

“While students are in this program – and they can indicate their interest in participating in this program as soon as they begin their undergraduate program – we intend to provide for them the kind of exposure to the practice and the profession, to lawyers that will help them master some of the subtle things about the way that law practice works ...”

Syracuse University College of Law

Commentary: The Risk of Not Pursuing an Impeachment Inquiry

Thursday 5/23/2019

There are signs the House understands that an impeachment inquiry would bolster the case for judicial enforcement of subpoenas. The resolution seeking a contempt citation against Attorney General William Barr for failing to provide the unredacted Robert Mueller report mentions determining “whether to approve articles of impeachment” ...

David Driesen

Pacific Standard Magazine Discusses Journalist Raid with Professor Roy Gutterman

Wednesday 5/22/2019

To learn more about what made this raid unusual, Pacific Standard spoke to Roy Gutterman, an expert in communications law and First Amendment rights ...

Roy Gutterman

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