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College of Law News

Professor Kohn Provides Guidance to Elder Law Case in AARP Magazine

Tuesday 10/29/2019

Professor Nina Kohn provides perspective to an elder abuse legal quiz in AARP Magazine (take the first quiz and click to see the verdict for Professor Kohn’s comments.)

Professor Nina Kohn

Is Political Incivility on the Rise? Professor Keith Bybee Speaks to CNYCentral

Friday 10/25/2019

Some of that acrimony is typical, particularly in an election year, when politicians will “tactical or strategic incivility” to attract attention or publicity, explained Keith Bybee, director of the Institute for the Study of the Judiciary, Politics and the Media at Syracuse University ...

Keith Bybee

Professor Gary Piepels Discusses NYS Bail Reform with The Daily Orange

Thursday 10/24/2019

“This should prevent people not accused of a violent crime from spending time in jail before they have been convicted,” Pieples said ...

Gary Pieples

Professor David Driesen Weighs In on Syracuse Lead Remediation & Infrastructure Investment

Wednesday 10/23/2019

... Syracuse is one of the nation’s poorest cities, and its poorest neighborhoods are the ones most impacted by lead exposure. Driesen said that the costs of remediating a lead-exposed home and accessing necessary medical resources are “well beyond the means of almost all tenants and many landlords” ...

David Driesen

Professor William C. Banks Helps CNN Fact-Check Trump vs. Schiff

Tuesday 10/22/2019

“Rep. Schiff is protected by the Speech or Debate Clause of the Constitution from being questioned ‘in any other place,’” said William Banks, a law professor at Syracuse University. “The protection clearly extends to the offending Tweets.”

William C. Banks

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