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College of Law News

William C. Banks Speaks to TIME About the Southern Border Crisis

Wednesday 2/6/2019

“Most experts agree that there is no crisis at the southern border,” William Banks, an international security expert and law professor at Syracuse University, recently told me in an interview. “Indeed, the heads of our intelligence agencies released their Worldwide Threat Assessment [last] week and reviewed a significant set of risks and challenges confronting the national security. The southern border and migration were not on the list” ...

William C. Banks

Cronkite News Discusses a "National Emergency" with William C. Banks

Wednesday 2/6/2019

“(The border) is a civilian operation,” Banks said. “We don’t mix law enforcement and the military here in the U.S.”

William C. Banks

Keith Bybee Helps TIME Fact-Check the State of the Union Speech

Wednesday 2/6/2019

But Trump pegged his presidential campaign on the promise that he’d deliver conservative judges, and on that front, he’s been largely successful, says Syracuse University political science and law professor Keith Bybee.

Keith Bybee

The Hill Speaks to Jennifer Breen About the Shutdown's Effect on Court Cases

Wednesday 1/30/2019

“Civil litigation is already infamously slow and drawn out,” said Jennifer Stepp Breen, an administrative and constitutional law professor at Syracuse University. “This adds to that when government attorneys aren’t able to do their work.”

Jennifer Breen

Nina Kohn Discusses JDinteractive on Channel 9's Bridge Street

Thursday 1/17/2019

Associate Dean for Research and Online Education Nina Kohn discusses SU’s new interactive online law degree ...

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