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College of Law News

Professor Lauryn Gouldin Analyzes Illinois Bail Reform for NBC News

Monday 2/15/2021

“When you set a price for release for people who are charged with a particular kind of offense, that immediately creates two different outcomes for people with money and people without money.”

Lauryn Gouldin

Professor William C. Banks Discusses Trump's Second Impeachment with China Daily

Thursday 2/11/2021

“The main explanation for Republican senators’ support is their belief or fear that Trump continues to control the national party and that many Republican voters do (believe that), too,” Banks told China Daily ...

William C. Banks

WSJ Speaks to Professor William C. Banks About Second Impeachment Trial

Tuesday 2/9/2021

In a criminal case, a prosecutor would have to prove that Mr. Trump “could have reasonably foreseen that his incitement was likely to lead to all hell happening at the Capitol,” said William Banks, a law professor at Syracuse University ...

William C. Banks

Professor Roy Gutterman L'00 Speaks to AP, WaPo About Smartmatic Defamation Suit

Monday 2/8/2021

Free speech expert Professor Roy Gutterman L’00 recently was quoted by Associated Press and Washington Post surrounding the defamation lawsuits by election technology company Smartmatic against Fox News, Rudy Guiliani, and Sidney Powell over their alleged election fraud accusations ...

Roy Gutterman

"Security Needs to Be a Priority:" Professor Corri Zoli in GovExec.com

Monday 2/1/2021

Corri Zoli, Associate Teaching Professor at Syracuse University Law School and Director of Research for the Institute for Security Policy and Law, said it’s important to send the message that security needs to be a priority for all federal facilities—not just the U.S. Capitol and for members of Congress. “We have plenty of law enforcement tools to consistently prosecute attacks against federal facilities.”

Corri Zoli

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