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Kevin Noble Maillard in NYT: "When Being a Good ‘Dad’ Gets You Promoted to ‘Mommy’"

Friday 7/27/2018

I’m a sucker for dramatic homecomings. I love stories of reunited siblings and I devour videos of dogs greeting returning soldiers, but I participate in my own reunion spectacle every weekday. When I pick up my 3-year-old from preschool, she charges at me like I’m an unattended bowl of Cheddar Goldfish ...

Kevin Noble Maillard

Roy Gutterman Talks With Spectrum About New York Daily News Layoffs

Friday 7/27/2018

“It’s tough to see and aside from just people losing their jobs and families, losing their income, we see a huge gap in coverage of public affairs and things that really matter to people so there’s going to be a huge gap about what people find out about what’s going on in their world,” said Newhouse [and College of Law] Professor Roy Gutterman ...

Roy Gutterman

William C. Banks Speaks to Fifth Domain About the IG Report on NSA Surveillance

Thursday 7/26/2018

“This has been going on for some time,” said William Banks, a law professor at Syracuse University. He said that noncompliance was a heated topic when the section 702 of the FISA act was reauthorized earlier this year. “A fair amount of it was apparently mechanical or machine-driven mistakes ... you would expect it might take the better part of a year for improvement in implementation to show results” ...

William C. Banks

Nina Kohn Discusses Barriers to the Ballot in Care Facilities with Huffington Post

Tuesday 7/24/2018

Access to the ballot for the 8.4 million residents of long-term care facilities nationwide is an issue of equity, said Nina Kohn, a professor at Syracuse University College of Law.

Running elections the way Greenspring does requires resources and a high degree of volunteer labor, which are more available at a facility where it costs several thousand dollars a month to live than at a nursing home funded by Medicaid, Kohn said ...

Nina A. Kohn

William C. Banks Explains the FISA Warrant Process to NBC News

Tuesday 7/24/2018

Probable cause is much lower than the reasonable doubt the standard required to convict someone of a crime. “It’s the probability of a possibility,” said William Banks, founding director of the Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism at Syracuse University College of Law ...

William C. Banks

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